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  1. Dede says:

    I had a hearing scheduled for February 11, 2020, (after a grueling 3-1/2 year process), my attorney I were turned away my hearing cancelled, without notice or reschedy, due to a water leak in the building in Pueblo, Colorado… I’m having to beg plead fight to request an expedited rescheduled hearing…it’s March 12, 2020 as of yet only excuses about people out of Pueblo/Colorado springs offices and lack of availability and coordination with central scheduling. I’m desperately in need of my hearing, and feel there is not accountability by SSA or advocacy from attorney. I can’t rate the judge yet, only the process trying to get a hearing with him… it’s been exasperating disappointing slow and unfair. I feel like they just want me to die. Praying for a miracle.

  2. James says:

    Had my hearing the 2nd. He was
    Very fair and kind, still awaiting my
    Decision BUT i feel good about it!

  3. Anonymous says:

    58 years old, in congestive heart failure with a 25% ejection fraction, lymphoma survivor and traumatic brain injured and you think I can lift 50 pounds for 1/3 of a day and 25 pounds for 2/3 of a day?

  4. MDC says:

    I just received a fully favorable decision from Judge Kawalek. My Attorney advised me he was a fair judge and he was! I was nervous about my hearing after reading the above comment but I feel if your medical records are in order and you are truthful that is what matters most.

  5. Tore the Decision to pieces says:

    He comes across as a “nice guy” and knowledgeable, as a Judge. Then…you look at his Decision and wonder whether he was even in the same Courtroom as you and whether he has ANY knowledge of the medical Cases he presides over, at the Disability level. You’ll note(As of this writing.), that he has ONLY approved 37% of Disability Cases. It ISN’T due to much in false Disability claims, as he is an Appeals Judge. In order to go to Appeal, it must first be approved and THEN you must learn how to survive for anywhere from 12 months to 2 years to have your Case heard. In my situation, I have a wife and she(With Parkinson’s Disease, Lupus and Fibromyalgia.) has been supporting our family since my disabilities prevented me from work. This is my 2nd time “through the ringer” with Disability Judges and this has been ongoing for almost FIVE YEARS(Almost 2, of which have been wasted, waiting on this “Judge” to write a 15 page, “clown car” Decision that had little to no reliance on the FACTS of the Case.). I wouldn’t recommend this Judge, nor do I fid him as competent to do the job that was assigned “By the People”, as he is all about preventing proper care, for those who aren’t in need of ambulatory care on a daily basis. I have 2 diseases that are 1 in a million people, a “rash” that is “contained” under low physical stress(perspiration takes it to covering my body.), ongoing Hydradenitis(I get boils/infections that lead me to being hospitalized if I sit in one place too long, perspire too much.), spinal degeneration in my neck, upper, lower and middle of my spine and a myriad of other illnesses that combine with these things to make work…unattainable. Does it matter to him, sitting upon his “pulpit” of “Law”? Not at all. Back to the drawing board? No. On to the Judge Panel in a follow up Appeal. If they approve the medical problems, based on my experience over the past 5 years…not much in faith with this clown of a “system”. Now for the biggest problem, with him: As if it isn’t bad enough that one had to document anything and everything medically for Disability; this guy actually LIES about “Findings”. A flippin’ “Judge”. SMH Even as you read through his Decision, you find him countering his OWN arguments, WITHIN the Decision. A quick, easy example would be me stating that I have a slight hearing problem(Not part of the Disability Case.) and needing the speakers adjusted for our Video Conference of which I set up nothing. I stated that I can/do go on the Web play a game, talk on rare occasion and have the comfort of my cushioned couch(Can’t sit in any office chairs for extended periods, as they further deteriorate my spine and hurt within 10 minutes.) to be able to adjust as often necessary. From his Decision..I can sit in a office chair for a full day of work(No evidence ever presented to show this.), I can Video Conference Chat and am familiar with it(Never stated that, nor do I do it or know how to get beyond clicking on my video system, hitting record and having a short video.) and…I had to get them to move the speaker during our Conference, as I couldn’t hear what he was saying. But…I must be an expert. RME
    Want the truth about Kawalek and the other Judges/Magistrates that do the Disability Hearings? They AREN’T required to have a Degree in ANYTHING medically related! I learned that from one of my old Primary Doctors, who had been part of Disability and was told/required that his OWN medical knowledge/opinion was NOT to be stated on Legal Documents, stating that a person is “Handicapped”(And similar wording.) as the ONLY person that could state it is…a Judge(No knowledge of medical required, nor needed.). The “system” is fictional and, in this Case, Judge Matthew C. Kawalek is one of the LEad Writers for the Fiction. Anyone wonder why “seemingly normal” people “turn to crime”? It’s because the “System” forces them into that lifestyle, when it fails them at the Disability level. Fortunately, as stated prior, I have a wife who cares and provides just enough to scrape by. Anything less….I’d probably be being educated in some prison, FREE, and be receiving the PROPER medical care that most/all Inmates receive. When I came out…I’d HAVE Disability. What a joke of a “System” and “Judge”, when a Disabled person can be “better off” by GOING to prison, over going to a Government Office. [email protected] P.S. IF this guy is your “Judge”…request a new Judge by yourself or through your attorney, as this guy is a flippin’ joke.

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