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  1. Achuen says:

    My hearing is coming up with Judge Gordon, people says good things about him. I hope he will listen to me.

  2. Achuen says:

    I will be having a hearing with Judge Gordon, a lot of people says good things about him, I hope he will listen to me.

  3. Jesickah says:

    I felt that judge Gordon was very easy to talk to. I explained to him the questions that was asked of me. When I needed a moment to stop myself from having a pannic attack he was very calm and willing to give me my time to get myself back together. I am still in the process of waiting for his decision but I definitely feel like he was very understanding and listened to everything I had to say.

  4. C. Dollar says:

    I thought Judge Matthew Gordon was very good at his job. I had no problem talking to him. I felt comfortable and confident explaining my personal information to him during my hearing.

  5. PissedtFoff says:

    Cruel, heartless, racist and ignorant Judge. When you side on the side of a ****** predator, and allow pedophiles to continue to assault children, you are one sick *******. That is ALL.

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