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  1. M. Dalluge says:

    This is and wonderful man and I’m not basing this off my case being approved or denied. I won’t forget his patience and if I have to appear again, I would love to have him again.

  2. paula r witmer says:

    A polite, professional, and patient judge that listened with attention to all in the room. Efficient and did not ask any trick or irrelevant questions to make my feel more nervous than I already was …..

  3. Anonymous says:

    What an incredibly kind and thoughtful Judge! It was a pleasure to appear before him. He asked the claimant detailed and pertinent questions. He did not rush anyone. Everyone felt at ease. He is an example for all SS Judges.

  4. Abdi Yousef says:

    Citizens with disabilities are not treated equally and it has to end now. The phrase that no one will be discriminated because of their race, ***, religion, origin, or disability does not hold up as it’s suppose to. As a student that walks around Downtown Columbus, I know and interact with many people with disabilities. As I see these people go about their day, I’ve come to notice that they are often restricted of things that I can enjoy or want. I believe that if we expand the ADA Act we can not only unity our community but better the lives of those with disabilities. ( For more information click the link: (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xrZ3xJclS3999hqZ-UMytLSBRCfkqVR-ta8n1GZSph0/edit?usp=sharing)

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