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  1. Sally says:

    If you misssed your court date with Judge Onderak, does he reschedule your court date. I am homeless with my children and I have a open CPS case?

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. steph says:

    I felt the judge was more interested in my drug abuse history more then my disabilitys he asked me more questions about drugs then about my work abilities and i was warned before i went into the hearing that he was anti drugs and to try and rush by the question and move onto health questions but it was impossible i almost got up and walked out of the hearing from crying so hard and yes i was denied and in his denial letter it Contradicts its self so i really pray the appeals bored listens to the recorded hearing and reviews his reason for denial letter because non of it makes sense i knew i would be denied just by the way he treated me if i could rate this judge -stars i sure would

  4. Anonymous says:

  5. Anonymous says:

    I have appeared in front of this ALJ on numerous occasions. He thoroughly reviews the medical file, asks appropriate questions and his hearings are professionally conducted. He is not an easy pay ALJ though.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This judge real nice to me for my trial. but he denie me mine, he ask about meth use and i stop use 2 week bfore trial. Going appeal for sure

  7. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had real good experiences with ALJ Onderack. Appeared in front of him 2 times and both clients had severe mental issues and anxiety. ALJ Onderakc was very professional and patient with the claimants. I will say this ALJ asks more questions and takes control of the hearing more than many other ALJs

  8. Anonymous says:

    I represented a claimant before this ALJ recently who suffered from a mental illness. Onderak was dismissive and demeaning to the client and attorney throughout the hearing. I spoke with the representative who immediately preceded me and he had a similar experience. The ALJ spent a considerable amount of time questioning irrelevant drug history, some of which was non-existent in the medical records. He gave one hypo during direct of the VE that in no way corresponded to the magnitude or severity of the symptoms the claimant suffered from. He also made an effort to control cross-examination of the VE by refusing to let the VE answer some questions.

    Onderak was completely dismissive of the claimant and the attorney despite medical records and opinion statements (corroborated by the records) that more than demonstrated a medical listing was met. I cannot understate the lack of professionalism that this ALJ exhibited from the bench. Onderack demonstrated a severe lack of judicial temperament and professionalism throughout the hearing.

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