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  1. J Love says:

    Judge hart made me feel ok to talk to her about when i was shot. Its hard because my cousin was killed and he only got shot once and i got shot 3 times. She was very compassionate and caring. Didnt get my decision yet but still want to thank her no matter the decision.

  2. Sandy Gorham says:

    Judge Melinda K. Hart was very kind and professional during my trial. In addition, her thorough knowledge about me and my health issues made me feel that she really cared about people.

  3. Tiredofsuffering says:

    Judge,Hart is a GOD,fearing person that love mankind she should teach other judges that uses their power to discourage hurt hard working people’ may GOD’ bless her and her family. Love always.

  4. Mike White says:

    I had the sense she actually listened to what my attorney and I had to say. She was very professional but the atmosphere was very relaxed. I had a good feeling when I left the hearing and found out yesterday her ruling in my case is “Fully Favorable”.

  5. claimant says:

    Professional, compassionate, wise, fair and knowledgeable. Judge Hart bases her decisions on the evidence. I was very blessed to have hear my case. I walked out feeling as if she actually listened.

  6. Disability Attorney says:

    Judge Hart is knowledgeable and fair. She conducts hearings in a professional manner.

  7. bear says:

    Judge Hart is very professional and knowledgeable. She has no political agenda and decides each case on its own merits.

  8. David Archibald says:

    sure hope that I have this Judge, It seems like she takes the time and really looks at the facts and makes a knowledgeable decision.

  9. Anonymous says:

    She screwed me out of $20,000.00

  10. Anonymous says:

    Super nice and very very professional!!

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