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  1. Delonte Boykin says:

    She is rude, unprofessional, disrespectful, and her assistant Neekeema Burton is lackadaisical she does not gather up all your important documents to support your case like your medical records for instance despite me signing numerous authorization forms. She will not respond to your emails or phone calls regarding your situation and because of this my benefits where stopped because of lack of evidence supporting my case. I told this to the judge and she act like she did not care for my concerns. I had to appeal my decision and I had to go back to all my doctors to get all the paperwork that Nakeemia Burton promised she would get during hearing process on my own paying out my pockets. I strongly feel my case wouldn’t be at the level it currently is If it wasn’t for this lazy assistant of hers. Judge Dula like many other comments mention on this thread has no heart and I strongly feel she did not put in any effort into reviewing my case. As of October 2023 I did not get my benefits because of this nonsense and I have to pay bills, I have to go to the doctor, buy food, get meds, I appealed my decision in time but my benefits still got terminated. It’s all because of the poor decision that was made on my decision to continue my benefits the lack of professionalism displayed by this judge and her assistant. I’m having to rely on a relative to help me with my expenses until I can get things sorted out with the appeals council. I have no food, toiletries, cleaning supplies, no meds for my health related issues, I never been so down like this in my life my ship is sinking. I never asked to be disabled nor did I ask to have these issues I deal with. For anybody that has a case up for review you better hope and pray it does not get in the hands of Judge Dula and her terrible assistant.

  2. Unknown Pixie says:

    I’m grateful she approved me. I’ve been fighting for awhile.

  3. Derrick says:

    Had my hearing in August it’s now December smh??‍♂️ she didn’t seem mean she ask for me and my Lawyer to have more paperwork in 30 days I had to her the same day so I hope and pray she see I’m bout my business. And that I need this I’m homeless in the middle of a pandemic. I pray she help me so I can help my self and my family….

  4. Anonymous says:

    My hearing was in June 2019 was told in courtroom in 30 days I would receive my decision letter, here it is damn near September 2019 I haven’t heard or seen shit… I’m bout call the newspaper and news crew and go back down there and raise hell with a whistleblower…

  5. Rocky says:

    I think she is far and knows the chips are stacked against people whom put in and are now shut out of the fruits of life. Homelessness is the case of hatred and racism especially in the south. We sleep under bridges and wash up in public bathrooms to survive. Voluntarily go to jail in the winter and very humid summer months for food, a bearable environment out of the unbearable elements. Reparations are do to American Descendants of Slaves…#Ase

  6. Shawnythia Walton says:

    Judge Melinda Dula, definitely doesn’t have a heart!!! She denied my moms case. My mom has suffered from epilepsy for the past 20+ years and has basically took over her mind. It’s like living with a parent that suffers from Alzheimer’s where they remember some things but can’t remember other things. It breaks my heart to know that she is continuously depressed because she hates that she can’t work to take care of herself and has to depend on others to take care of her finincally. Not even that but if she didn’t have family that stepped up to the plate she would be homeless because she doesn’t have any source of income. What these judges forget is that work for the people but they don’t have people in mind. One day they will be faced with the same problems that these people face and that’s when they will fully understand the magnitude of what these people go through on a daily bases. What these judges also fail to realize is that God always has the final so and he always wins! God has my mom and always has, we will continue to keep the faith!

  7. Anonymous says:

    She doesn’t have heart….. You suppose to help people to get what they need you have denied my my mother 5 years ago an she has been waiting 8 years now it seem like judges want people to die cause yall really don’t know what a person go threw or has been . A few word on a paper doesn’t means anything think about that . I give you my blessing even doe you denied hers

  8. Anonymous says:

    Still waiting on a decision,with a letter from my doctor stating that I can not work pages of medical problems over three months no decision. I have been out work three years and can’t get any help. I know undeserving people who got it in a few months really what am I supposed to do

  9. Anonymous says:

    I am still waiting on my decision, but I wanted to say that I thought she was very polite and professional. She is a Judge overseeing a case, so yes there must be evidence proven as with any case.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Seems overly impressed with herself. Evidence must be there, and you must point it out.

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