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  1. Joey says:

    I had a Hearing over the phone with Judge Wells, I had 4 Different Dr. that know how my Physical and Mental Problem are and they was in the Reports that Judge Wells has, but Judge Wells took all 4 Dr. word lightly, even the VE she took his own words lightly, but the Dr. they had I had never seen or heard of him before she gave him Great Weight, plus she a liar I should Have won my case I
    Had enough medical And written statements that she never takes into Account. I hope the next time I have a different Judge, I think she hated Grover arnett..,she needs to get invest agate big time,
    So Judge Wells thank you for making me and my Life harder…it’s Sad to Work 20 at Prison 4 yrs at a Tree Nursery, Worked Construction for 2 yrs…I am going to Rate You A 5 Stars Lying Bitch…I
    Hope I never are in front of again, you and Reynolds are Bed Buddies.. Fuck both of you ….


  2. Michael C. Wilson says:

  3. Michael C. Wilson says:

    I am a social security disability attorney with over 35 years experience in the Huntington disability office. Over the years I have won cases that I thought were 50-50 cases and lost some that I thought were strong cases. That goes with the territory. Under Judge Wells I have lost two cases recently whose denials were astounding to me. I am interested to receive input from anyone with similar experiences with Judge Wells, In particular with attorneys who have difficulty. One of my claimants was openly gay, the otherwise heavy tattoo-ed and may have given off the wrong vibe although he was straight and sober and a 100% disability rating from the VA with an RFC from the VA that found him to be sub-sedentary. My sense is she is over her head. All info will be held in confidence unless expressed otherwise. I have never taken this kind of action ever before. My contact number is 606.571.9146.

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