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  1. Andy Houston says:

    I got approved after 12 plus years. She will be prayed for daily Thank you very much! Honorable Melissa McIntosh Thanks and be Blessed!!!!!

  2. Disabled Vet says:

    Recently had Melissa McIntosh at my hearing. I am a Iraq, Afghanistan veteran where my military career was cut short due to my injuries. However, I went back to work when I got out of the service and then my conditions deteriorated over time despite the increases in my meds/treatment. I filed in June of 2020 and had my hearing in May 2022. I felt humiliated throughout the entire process as I represented myself. The DDS was very unprofessional to the existent of placing fabricated information into my file and this was the only information that seemed to make it into my case file it was hand selected by the administration. I sent over medical files and they got lost or misplaced multiple times. The doctors the DDS sent me to were quacks. There offices look liked condemned buildings and they had multiple HIPPA violations for example like discussing my medical information in a full waiting room. Melissa has sided with the DDS in a unfavorable decision despite the fact that I was forced medically out of my military career. I am deemed 100% P&T but nearly 300% overall disabled by the VA. However, this means nothing in Melissa’s words. Also, I noticed that the DDS doctors/contractors whom most I never met their dictations/fabrications trumped my MD’s information. I am dumbfounded however. I am not surprised by this outcome considering how unpleasant and humiliating the entire process has been.

  3. Greg says:

    I had my hearing 24 May 2017 with Melissa J Mcintosh. This was my first and only hearing since initially being denied 2 years ago when I first filed. I have just been waiting on the hearing.
    Mrs. Mcintosh is very nice, friendly, respectful and courteous. I was not expecting it, but at the end of the hearing, she even thanked me for my service to our country. That in itself is worth a star!
    She made me feel at ease through the entire hearing. I don’t get nervous in front of people anyway but just the same, it was great having such a nice Judge.
    My 5 stars have nothing to do with being approved/disapproved because I have not received her decision yet since the hearing was just a few days ago.

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