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  1. kc says:

    this woman, Miss Paige is very racist and discriminatory to say the least I would like anyone that has been denied from her that believe they were discriminated against to email me at KJJC21@gmail.com I would like to file a suit against her

  2. You ruined my life says:

    Very unprofessional doesn’t act like a judge only a nurse she ruined my life, I’m disabled and she ignores all the medical facts I’ll be going for major back surgery in just months and focused on the medical procedures that I’ve tried and How she as a judge Does not agree with the medical treatments MY TREATING DOCTORS RECOMMENDED if she wants to be a nurse she should quit her job, she even made mention that I was well groomed because my hair was down and brushed which is the bare minimum for being a human in society she even made not that was was able to hold on to a 2×2 fang pack that holds just my insured and identification cards weighed less that 1lb she should be fired she’s very in professional I’ve been treating with my doctors for years and done multiple procedures I spend most of my day asleep from meds ! QUIT YOIR JOB AND GO BACK TO YOUR NURSING JOB that’s all you seem to care about

  3. Leticia says:

    I had Judge M.Paige and quite honestly I find that she was an amazing Judge very understanding to my situation,very nice and soft spoken.With her previous nursing experience she understood what I was going through. I suffer from Trigeminal and Occipital Neurolgia along with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Fibromyalgia just to name a few. She listen to me and was companionate with me. I can’t be more greatful.. Thank you Judge M.Paige

  4. Anonymous says:

    She treats you like you’re a criminal or bad person and denies you even when the appeals council remands your case back to her b/c they feel her denying you was wrong and that you should’ve been approved. She gets mad and acts like YOU did something to her personally.

  5. Camille says:

    I had commented earlier about Ms. Paige and my comments were accidently deleted. Here is everything. SS needs to check backgrounds of judges like Melody Paige. She has been accused of racial bias, not following law, ignoring medical evidence, manufacturing medical evidence etc…. In my case she used knowledge of my other condition to deny my claim although that was not part of my claim. She wrote her opinion using things not presented into evidence. The fact that I am a black Jew was brought up at trial. I saw the sneer on her face. What does my being Jewish have to do with the trial? She insulted my black husband who had nothing to do with the case. He was there only to support me, his wife. He was sitting quietly in the last row in her courtroom and she went out of her way to address him and insult him, I was in shock. She wrote things in her opinion that my doctors never said and were not verified. I had reached an out of court settlement with GM. Melody Paige destroyed it. Before Ms. Paige came to SS she was a Workers Comp judge for almost two decades and seemed to do as she pleased. SS awarded me benefits on the same claim Melody twisted. Little of the original claim made it in her opinion and what did, she completely twisted. I have proof of her lies. I have copies of everything the court has. I have written a book. Inside my book, I’m going to put in the original documents presented to the court and then place Ms. Paige’s written opinions next to them.
    She allegedly contracted a serious disease herself. I know my case was postponed because of her getting sick from something. I hope the medicine she has taken has not affected her brain while rendering decisions. Sorry she has a disease but she is affecting other people’s lives. Shortly after she arrived at SS someone tried to get my case reviewed and possibly take away my benefits. I believe she had something to do with it. She seemed to have a need to hurt me. I feel for any minority that gets her as their judge. Thank goodness she is not the final judge. Ms. Paige gave me a lot of stress and I can prove she’s a liar.

  6. Marie says:

    I went before this Judge & who I’ve learned she is also a Registered Nurse. She seemed to be very unhappy & on the defense. The few questions that she asked me was not pertaining to my health issues that limit me from working. She ask why I had not considered back surgery….”really?” I too being a nurse, that can make a decent income & survive, why would I not want to work? I’ve even tried to work a job making 3 times less than what i could normally make. I think her decision was actually made before I even went before her. My Attorney is well known, but did not intervene on any statement she made, also as if he was intimindated by her. Everything routine with these cases. It’s so unfair. There are of course so many people that abuse the siystem; but God help those of us who are just thrown in the same corner with those people without a fair view of our health issues. I’m suffering physically, mentally & financially. With 2 denials. What else is left other than…..”What, take more pills?” The Bible says that we should all be FAIR & JUST in our dealings. This Judge will reap every unfair case she decided. Why educate yourself only to hurt people & cause them more suffering.

  7. Anonymous says:

    She is definitely rude and disrespecful to my African American clients. She implies they are lying and her demeanor is one of superiority and distrust. Its too bad we have someone like that hearing disability cases. She forgets these claimant’s are not criminals.

  8. Anonymous says:

    If you get this judge, she is very rude and, she knows nothing about mental illness and or any other disability. She should be disbarred from her position. Because when I got my denial notice I tried to commit suicide. This woman is no judge with a degree to be able to make a correct diagnosis, which should be left with the 5 doctors I had, based on my disability. When I looked at her record before her denials were 50 and approvals were 50, so you’re just a number to her. She sent the denial and you could tell she never read any of the medical documents from several doctors including the ones that she sent me to. Thanks to her my health is much worse; I hope she can live with herself.
    She doesn’t read them, her staff does, but she makes the denials.
    Very poor excuse for a Judge!

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