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  1. Dale M.Perry says:

    i had my hearing feb.9th,got my letter today saying favorable decision,judge werner listened,really listened ,he was patient and seemed to really care,not once did he make me feel like an inconvienience for hearing my case,he took note verbaly and gave me his full attention.

  2. Malcolm showalter says:

    I think judge warner really listened to me I’m not quite sure i will win because I had no attorney but he seemed fair

  3. Diana says:

    I wrote the previous comment about Judge Werner before receiving my decision and I can not tell you the feeling of knowing he actually listened to me and took the time to understand my situation as a whole. I knew when I walked out of the hearing that whatever the decision would be I would be alright with it as I felt I had been heard for the first time without personal judgement.

    I have terrible anxiety that makes me instantly start to sweat (profusely) and cry hysterically without much control of my face. So many times thru this process I have had professionals instantly want to “get rid” of me when this happens. It’s already embarrassing and awful without that additional stress. Judge Werner actually allowed me to take the time I needed to answer questions, even though it is very difficult when I’m having an attack and crying hysterically. Since the day I had a major stroke at my desk I do not feel that anyone has taken the time to listen to what I had to say… until my hearing with Judge Werner.

    Judge Werner was wonderful in that, yes he listened to me, but because of the way he treated me I made it through the hearing and was able to provide the information he needed. He made it clear that he would be verifying through my files that the information I provided was correct and that was a huge relief to me also because that meant he was actually going to take the time to read my file! I know now that he must have because although I have over 15 years of medical records I had been denied on just one report from an SSI doctor I spent 30 minutes with. This would not have been an easy task as even I have troubles reading all my medical reports because there are so many.

    I just can not say enough how grateful I am for his humanity. I had almost given up hoping that at some point during this process someone would care enough to listen instead of thumbing through until they found something that could constitute a denial.

  4. Diana says:

    I just had my hearing yesterday and I was very nervous and scared to go. It was a very hard process for me but I do feel that Judge Werner listened to me and was genuinely trying to understand my circumstances and situation. I did not have representation and Judge Werner did take time to explain what was happening to me through the process even though it caused us to run over on time. I may or may not be approved but I do feel that I was given the opportunity to be heard and not judged on a personal level. That I appreciate.

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