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  1. pissedoff guy says:

    This judge does not listen to the people in the room…. he seemed nice but he is a real jack *** and should not be on the bench.

  2. 78% of the claims you decided says:

    Whomever made the post 6/4/12 works for the SSA, is a friend of the “Campaign for Repugnance” headquartered at ODAR Dover and co-chaired by Judges Showalter and Benitz, and/or deserving of disability due to her severe hallucinations.

    Assume your claim will be denied if it is heard by Judge Benitz. You will need an attorney, and your attorney should start writing the appeal BEFORE you go to hearing. Judge Benitz will disregard all supportive evidence in your file. He will give no credibility to anything your doctor says which helps your claim. He will also ignore supportive statements about your claim made by the doctor paid by the Disability Determination Service to review your file. Judge Benitz will appear bored, disinterested, asleep and/or hard of hearing. He should have retired before he made a mockery of his position and his employer.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yes thank God ALJ Benitz only pays 20 percent of his cases and that likely people have been wrongly denied access to better care and treatment because of his biased point of view toward those that apply. You must work realy closely or be a friend to ALJ Showalter and Bentiz who are an embarrassment. You don’t hav ea clue.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Judge Benitz is one of the nicest most wonderful alj’s that there are!! Many alj’s pay claimants just for the “number” – as they have a quota to make every month but judge Benitz says it like it is!!! Thank God!! Social Security is not going broke because of him!

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