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  1. Anonymous says:

    This judge was very fair and understanding of my son disability. He gave him a fully favorable decision.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have a friend who appeared before Judge Olmscheid in 2015 and a month after he heard my friend’s case, he gave them an unfavorable decision. My friend has bipolar disorder and mild cerebral palsy, and has been the subject of some mistreatment by former employers because the medication they must take for the bipolar affects their ability to understand directions, especially verbal directions. They have a Master’s degree in biochemistry which was earned in 1998, but in 2012 they tested at the 4th grade level in math and the 7th grade level in reading due to the fact that they do not do well on timed tests and do not work quickly. I know of somebody who recently was awarded SSDI for liver failure which was caused by the fact that this person almost drank themselves to death. This person, in my opinion, did it to themselves. My friend did not cause their own disability. Still, they cannot follow directions well, and Judge Olmscheid denied them because they have a Master’s degree and said he could not understand why my friend would have one and still score so poorly on the tests. Their lawyer kept saying the tests were timed, and that my friend does not do well under stress, but Judge Olmscheid didn’t seem to buy it. If you spent enough time around this person, it would be obvious that they deserve to be awarded disability. Please explain to me how such a person is denied, yet someone who caused their own liver failure is approved? I feel that a serious injustice has been done here.

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