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  1. Anonymous says:

    I was approved by this judge then denied me due to the appeals council’s remand because of lack of substantial evidence back in 2015 and that was all my fault for going into that hearing without a lawyer at my very first hearing! I reapplied and got denied 3 times more by these other more unfair judges (Mark Solomon) (Sharon Allard) now my case is back at the AC for the 4th time and we are awaiting their decision, we are hoping for a complete reversal because the errors by ALJ Allard are so numerous and VERY serious, but if they remand the case i hope it goes back to this judge Lissek and now i have 2 lawyers! I know that shes not at all that unfair and bias like those other judges! She approved me even with very little evidence the first time, imagine a very strong case that i have now, i may get either an OTR or bench decision if the case goes back to judge Lissek! Remember if the ALJ has a low denial rate, about 30% you are good to go, but if the ALJ has a 40% 50% and especially more than 60% denials like judge Lee, unless you are over 90, or terminally sick close to death, you will not have a chance of winning at all no matter how strong you case is!

  2. Janice Newson says:

    I was & still disabled. I was before Judge Lissek. I received my fully favorable letter, declared back pay for Sept.12, 2012. Have not received anything. I think the dare b4 the Judge was July 2016. I have not received any checks for my backpay my
    Disability. I am unable to work. What is going on told I have to wait. I have been to 2 lawyers with my letters from disability fully favorable by ALJ. they tell me there is nothing for them to do I’ll have to wait. 1lawyer said he’d not charge me he’s never heard of a fully favorable case being denied so I have to wait.

  3. Beverly Graves says:

    I desperately need to contact Judge Lissek. She was the judge on my appeal in March of 2017. I was awarded permanent disability. My decision letter arrived after i already got a call from sussex cty disability office in Newton. I got an appt in june to file a claim for my child. I have had nothing but discriminatory issues with the Newton office. My atty passed away in july of 2017. They mocked me insisting i was lying. Mrs. White told me i changed my direct deposit info incorrectly and now would need a cancelled ck which i did it online as directed in may when i was called to make the appt. she berated to the point of tears for 2 hours then laughs and says “oh you did it right but it takes 2 months to hit the system haha sorry”

    I asked about the over $14,000 withheld for my atty and she said that i neededan “expedited fee agreement” which had been on file for 2 yrs. she said she put in a request to release the funds minus the $6000 the atty agreed to. I NEVER GOT IT. Then i got my daughters backpay in July of 2017 and they withheld 20% for her ATTY FEES! Well she had no atty by this time my own had passed away which again i was treated like a liar. The “supervisor” gets on the phone and asks “WAS YOUR DAUGHTER BORN WHEN YOU HIRED YOUR ATTY? WAS SHE WAS SHE?” I was having an anxiety attack and crying and said of course “WELL THEN SWEETY HE AUTOMATICALLY GETS 20% OF HER MONEY”

    First off i am not uneducated which i think they believe ALL people on disability deserve to be treated like crap and like they don’t have a clue. I have done my research the cap is $6000 unless the atty applies for more due to doing over and above the usual work entailed.

    Now i call them and they tell me THE JUDGE ORDERED the attorney to be paid 20% of mine snd my daughters making that OVER $20,000!

    I read my decision letter by Judge Lissek and it specifically stated 20% is withheld UNLESS there is an expedited fee agreement. If one is not received withing 60 DAYS the money withheld will be released MINUS THE $6000 cap!

    I truly do not know where to turn, i appealed it and heard nothing yet have a confirmation that I appealed online. I even took the advice of DISABILITY ADVISOR and called my congressman and they had me sign a letter to give their office permission to assist on my behalf.

    Stress makes all my illnesses worse and now we are about to foreclose on the house we bought that we cannot move into due to work needing to be done and our realtor, atty, mortgage company, appraiser, 203k consultant and contractor who all know each other well and referred one another have us over a barrel

    I’m desperate and getting very ill. I cannot lose this home its all i have and 3 yrs backpay should not just be stolen from me by crooked home buying so called expert scam artists

  4. Anonymous says:

    She has compassion and is very thorough

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