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  1. Daniel says:

    Complete lack of empathy, completely disregarded the facts of my case. Weaseled a bizarre paper thin justification for denial. Definitely not someone who should be overseeing sensitive cases like disability claims.

  2. Anonymous says:

    He is very good looking and I wasn’t expecting that at all, that made him even more intimidating. He is a straight to the point, no bull shit kind of guy. I can’t say he was super good, or super bad. This was my first hearing/s. So based off my experience, I thought Judge Pharris handled the hearing well. My medical condition is not listed, and is rather complex. This was his first time encountering someone with this condition, and knew little to nothing about my condition prior to my case. So I was impressed that he actually took the time to do some researching on my condition before the hearing. I felt like he was a bit harsh sometimes but made his points VERY clear. Mainly focusing on how your condition efffects your ability to work, but he also looks at how it effects all other aspects in life.I felt like he genuinely cared and took everything into consideration. Overall, I think it went alright and hope to hear his final decision soon.

  3. Steven John says:

    I did what was required to continue to receive Medicare and Disability benefits by going down to the St. Paul office and signing forms, twice. First I was dropped from disability and now my benefits have stopped. I have found multiple lies in my record and I don’t think anyone else here stating the experienced the same things are liars, I believe everyone making these claims to be truthful. And I know I am truthful and what I claim are lies are not simple errors or misstatements, they are entire lines fabricated and said to be my testimony. I’ve notified both the Inspector General and also gave all relevant detailed info to the FBI via phone correspondence, everything was heard and acknowledged by the FBI on the phone for what it is worth. Criminal allegations have been made by me and now both my Medicare and my Disability benefit have stopped. Though I continue to receive care from the hospital and health care workers.

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