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  1. Anonymous says:

    Saw Kilroy last year. Denied me stating that I wasn’t in enough pain. Can barely use thumbs and have severe pain in back due to degenerative osteoarthritis. Employment specialist was unable to find a job I could do in his book. Guy is a shyster. Acts like we are taking money from HIM.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Judge Kilroy,
    I’d rather eat crumbs with bumbs than steaks with snakes!

  3. Kevin Loader says:

    It’s me again! Year’s later… After dealing with ALJ Kilroy I had to take it to the 9th Circuit Supreme Court. Affirm, reverse and remand. ALJ made many errors. Want to thank him for making my living hell and becoming homeless at one point. Don’t give up folks! They want you to do that. Had ALJ Kilroy in 2012 and 2014. It’s 2018 and finally being fixed. He will try and belittle you but that’s just who he is. Fight until the end.

  4. Carl Rysn says:

    Judge Kilroy is a criminal. He reviewed my sons case and found him disabled for the first two years of his disability when the other reviewers said he was not disabled. Later, he used a doctors statement that said he was doing better than before while ignoring totslly the same doctors statement that was written later saying he was totally disabled and could never work again. How do people like this live with themselves? I couldnt.

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