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  1. Margaret-Mary Gertrude Lehr Greta says:


  2. Jessica Seward says:

    Judge Lehr was very professional in the courtroom as I had my hearing using a television. Judge Lehr did not ask me any questions as he lead it up to my attorney to ask the questions. The reason I am giving Judge Lehr a 1 star rating is because after receiving my unfavorable decision I was reading through what Judge Lehr had said why he gave me the unfavorable decision and most of what he had said was not true and my words was twisted on what I said in the courtroom. For example, Judge Lehr said I said in the courtroom that I walk my dog and bath and feed my dog. What I actually said was I let my dog out during the day while my husband is at work so he can use the bathroom. Not once did I say I feed and bathe my dog!! My words was twisted so much that I am highly livid! Please be aware of this judge as he will twist your words. Another example I was denied is because I have been in a relationship with my husband since 2016. He said if I can live with someone then I can work! Wow this Judge really needs to work on himself!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Very professional and efficient.

  4. Anonymous says:

    i think he should have to live with some of these that are denied because he doesnt see enough evidence wellwhen you live with someone 33 yrs and they complain of the pain and they have no insurance to seek medical because medicaid denies them because not proven be disabled especially when you see so many getting ssi because they have mental problems well to some exinct i feel i have mental stress from my spouse fighting to get his disabilty he worked for it seems more get ssi than those who actually worked and the stress of worrying how care for children and bills and shopping because your spouse isnt capable to help you out but then a judge says not enough evidence i dont really know who is hiring anyone walking in with a cane for support but my opion is look more into what is really said not what you think they said and when did a fishing trip with your son make you not diasbled because i see a man with one leg in a wheel chair fishing daily i see a sqezo prantic deer hunting gambling in a casino but bi polar and cant be around a group people but they are in wal mart they are in gambling and my spouse cant stand in walmart longer about thirty min he in pain and in the car with the seat laid back just saying how you pick and chose

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