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  1. Rocquel Williams says:

    He is definitely the Devil himself!

  2. Definitivamente vale la pena comentar una discusión fascinante. Creo que debería escribir más sobre este tema, puede que no sea un tema tabú, pero normalmente la gente no habla de estos temas. ¡Al siguiente! Mis mejores deseos !!

  3. Maria says:

    This Judge is the worst person in the world… He’s very racist I felt very discriminated he did not even read all the medical records from my doctors he just went based on what he wanted which is denying me… even he knows I qualify and I’m disabled but I have no idea what was his deal why is he so against me… he made me go through so much for him at the end to deny me… after 2 years. This judge needs to be reviewed and removed because he’s racist he’s not doing his correct job and he’s just denying people left and right without even a good reason just based on what he wants. I hope someone will do something about it this is NOT fair and it’s NOT GOOD FOR ANYONE WE NEED ANSWERS How is it possible he has so many bad reviews and he still working and nobody cares about that because that’s how the country goes they only hire bad people like Judge Michael B. Richardson. Believe me I’m gonna look for you and I’m gonna write reviews everywhere I find your name. Racist Judge

  4. Angelica Tinajero says:

    I had a phone hearing because of covid. I felt Judge Richardson was very attentive & fair on my case. I felt at ease & confident that my medical records were thoroughly reviewed.

  5. Master Chief says:

    I felt discriminated against for having a successful career and retirement. He already made his decision before I entered the room. He didn’t look at any medical records that I presented. I guess he is a former Marine and must not like a career Navy Master Chief. Oh well!

  6. Jenna hothan says:

    He was extremely rude and lacked empathy. He didn’t provide eye contact and proceed to judge my case based on my age. CLEARLY AGE DISCRIMINATION!
    I said ” they (I) dont care if you had breast cancer. I was there for my judgment on PTSD and whistleblower. I was brutally beaten in my face for reporting to the ATF about a corrupt sheriff’s department. This judge ignored all of the written and photographed evidence.
    He is in it for himself , I feel sorry for the further clients.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I thought he was very fair and caring and seemed very concerned for me.. the claimant.. He read over the records and didn’t stress me out any more than I already was..

  8. Mitchell Albrecht says:

    Judge Michael B Richardson ignores medical evidence. He also ignored rights violations, and won’t let you speak of them. Judge Michael B Richardson is a criminal finacial terrorist. I wouldnt be surprised if he had little kids locked up in his basement screaming for their mommies.

    Zero doubt in my mind he does the bidding of deep state mafia, and belongs at Guantanamo Bay Cuba.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This judge in my experience as an attorney representative is very patient, thorough and respectful to claimants and their representatives and will provide a fair and balanced hearing to those who appear before him.

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