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  1. jtr says:

    I have been unable to work since 2014. My attorney advised me that I had about 30 min to formulate my thoughts, put into words a clear and concise answers that adequately reflected the pain, suffering, struggles and my over all inability to work…. It was a profoundly surreal to stand before the judge and try to focus on answering his questions. It got to me, I broke down crying about halfway through.
    I almost couldn’t stop. Judge Blume, paused and said “take your time”, it’s alright” He looked at me with genuine empathy, kindness and compassion. I found the judge to be very prepared, through and thoughtful. He asked pointed questions, asked for clarification if he did not understand my answer or when i rambled. I am relieved that it’s finally over. Now the wait begins. I have no idea how he will rule. That said, my prayers and thoughts go out the judge, my attorney and everyone else that has to walk this road.
    Sincerely Jtr

  2. Mel says:

    This judge failed to review all the information for my mothers case and basically implied that my mother and her doctor were lying about all her ailments.. She has degentive bonesdisc disease and as a result she can not work.. He asked her how long she was able to sit for, my mother said “around 10 mins” his reasoning was since she can sit at the hearing for 40 mins that she can work…. Which is dumb because either way no one can get a job that allows them to support themselves by sitting for 40 mins at a desk..

    He disregarded what the V.E and what her doctors said and believed the bull his doctor said.. The V.E told him that there was NO job she could get but he paid no attention to that FACT.. I strongly dislike this judge and hope he loses his job due to being disabled and gets denied disability.

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