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  1. James Paternoster says:

    So, the best piece of advice I can give anyone going to argue their case before the judge would be this, submit evidence to win your case. I was applying because of epilepsy. While there, I felt the Judge was looking to see a paper trail of evidence that showed my frequent hospital visits. If your at the stage where you’re about to appeal your case before a judge, I would advise trying to show how much your disability is effecting your day to day life with hard facts. Maybe stay away from testimony your giving by saying “I feel like” etc. Although, I am no expert. And TBH I did say “I feel like” quite a bit, but I do know that several times he mentioned how important my records were in his ruling. I would have given 5 stars but I felt that since he approved me, my opinion of him would be slanted in his favor.

  2. Ron says:

    Went before ODAR Calabro on 07/07/2014. And still have not heard anything back. I declared a “dire needs” back on 02/26/2014 because I have been out with permanent injury since 11/2009. That has made no difference. It’s only me, and I have lost my home, cashed in and spent any retirement I had, owe the IRS over $10,000, so they have taken everything else, can’t pay for medical care, so not getting any, went to see a Dr. that SSDI requested I see, that Dr. shook his head and said he can’t figure out what SSDI is waiting on. I can see the writing on the wall…..I’m going to be one of the 66 percent that really will die, but is going to be thrown under the bus to maintain the national average of 44 percent “approved”. I started working and paying into SS in 1973, and paid in for nearly 40 years. Just needing to get back some of what I paid in. I’m not some “illegal” looking to get a free ride out of the system.

  3. ralph says:

    so i went to my hearing with judge calabro, i had mri reports, and loads of other evidence and was still denied. this judge messed up in the hearing ( was reading off another persons case and had to be told he was doing so)then i was denied and the decision legal document that you receive in the mail had errors as well. i do not believe i was given a fair hearing as i question this judges ability to accurately and justly Handel cases. these are peoples lives they deal with and i know must appeal and could take another year of pain and suffering. this judge should be removed from odar if he makes mistakes of this calibur.

  4. Beatrice cruz says:

    On 11/14/13 me and my daughter went to a hearing, my daughter have problem wit speech, she have ADHD, she taking meds, I’m still waiting for appove,I can prepared my future or my daughter cause I don’t know what God had for us tomorrow, we went in front of a judge for the first time,We answer all the question, judge Michael calabro was nice, and he was considerate judge.still waiting,I hope everything be approve so I can take my daughter to others dr, and prepare the future for her,to help her and help me,

  5. Beatris & melony says:

    On 11/14/13 I went to a hearing wit my daughter melony she 8 years old,judge Michael calabro was very nice & considerate judge,he tried to make me & my daughter comfortable.we never in our life went in front of a judge I answer all his question and my daughter answer all this question.when the hearing was over he didn’t say that my daughter was approve or denied, the only thing he said was prepared you and your daughter future,

  6. Beatris Cruz says:

    On 11/14/13 me and my daughter went to see the judge, I will like to know what do the judge mean of saying to prepared me and my daughter future.

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