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  1. I’m disabled and have COPD chrones disease chronic heart failure

  2. Ian Engelhart says:

    Hello my name is Ian engelhardt I’m trying to contact Michael Kaminski spelled with a c voice typo error anyway someone in Oklahoma is trying to get me to start this process all over I was fully approved by Michael and the judges now he’s the judge how do I get ahold of him

  3. Chontay Collins Hill says:

    Hello, my name is Chontay Collins Hill, and I had a positive experience with judge Comisky. He was fair, open and honest.
    Judge Comisky let me speak and didn’t pass judgment: he appears to be aboveboard and a decent man. Thanks, judge Comisky for being fair and just.

  4. Jack Bradley says:

    I’m scared ; worried about my future and the pain l have everyday & not to mention how can l ever find any comfort if l can’t afford a Dr’s visit ‘ l am 51 years old and have many of the same health problems that my Mom had in life & she passed away at 62 So my Question is how can one live in any happiness or comfort if his body is definitely getting worse every day ‘ Thank You Judge Jack Bradley

  5. Anonymous says:

    may he receives as he dishes out. stays on his leash for the government. onesided aint the word why even have a hearing if you draw this alj. more proof that this position should be changed. draw this alj and lose draw another and win,

  6. Anonymous says:

    Judge Comisky made me feel at ease during the process explaining what would take place step by step. I actually felt more at ease with the Judge than I did with my lawyer.

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