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  1. BH says:

    My first hearing was postponed by Judge South who was very nice and helpful and advised me to retain counsel before proceeding with my hearing, promising he would get me a new hearing date in a timely manner and he did so. He was suppose to reside over that case, however he had a conference on that date and Judge Anderson proceeded over my case. I was absolutely terrified, but Judge Anderson was very diligent and asked many questions, the right questions if you will, he was extremely nice and compassionate and I was given a fully favorable decision at the hearing and received it by mail in less than two weeks as he so promised. I feel both judges played a part in my favorable decision so I thank them both. Having a disability and waiting years to see a judge is terribly stressful and I am very grateful for these two judges being so compassionate.

  2. Erroll Boglin says:

    The judge thanked me for my service to my county, and my state of Alabama for
    25 and 29 years.
    THANKS ,your welcome .

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