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  1. Wilson says:

    I was told by AN officer he sends police survellance to watch you while you wait for a decision. And by golly there was one watching me as I checked the mailbox that was overflowing because I couldn’t get out there earlier.
    Another person who had him never left the house so the cop came to the door saying they are doing a survey of their performance in the neighborhood. As he was talking and disabled person was trying to get inside to sit down. The officer asked Are you ok? To be nice (because cop didn’t know this person much less persons story of being disabled) the disabled person said yes to get him gone in order to sit down and catch their breath.
    Im doing this because we all have good and bad days. Getting things done as much on the few good days
    compared to the bad should not say you are NOT disabled. Yes both were denied by Michael HARDbart.

  2. Gary says:

    1000 pages from doctors and ER visits, documented heavily. clearly shows progression of heart and mental issues. judge dinged me for shaving and dressing appropriately…I did not take my mental meds to be clear headed as I could be for the hearing at the direction of my attorney, that counted against me. My suicidal and severe depression and severe anxiety due to health issues and declining health were ruled mild, even though the psychiatrist rated me severe. He does not see look at your illness and see progression. He called my hematologist a liar because her paperwork said i was disabled. the cardiologist i had last year that was a horrible cardiologist that missed all my heart warning signs, he used his documents over the docs that implanted a pacemaker and that are currently treating me.
    this judge and several others in the hattiesburg office have the lowest approval; rating IN THE COUNTRY. more claimants need to stand up and try to get these hanging biased judges out of their offices. if you get michael harbart you might as well kill yourself, it will be more humane and quicker than waiting for the slow death they sentence you to.

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