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  1. Denied says:

    Sounds like this asshole needs to be sued and taken out of his position for incompetence and nit really being a judge at all under the Tort Claims Act that says you can sue any government official for personals grievances and their pure idiocy and abuse of power. This jerk off did the same to me just like everyone on here! Please use this information to be a thorn in the creeps side for the rest of his days in his fat seat.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Horrible Judge, if you have to sit in front of him be prepared to be denied. He ignored all my husband’s medical evidence. How does he know in 30-45 minutes my husband’s pain and mental issues which he disregarded a licensed psychologist’s clinical evaluation.

    He told my husband he wasn’t obese enough to have the issues he has, wtf??? My husband is 60 pounds overweight.

    Also, the two jobs he was told he could do both involve cleaning floors, scrubbing walls, helping others consistently and my husband has injuries that prevent him from physical work, did he look at that NOPE. Also, in the same report it states my husband can’t work around others constantly, but in one of the two jobs you are a helper that has to be around people or other employees constantly unless you work in a building without anyone else there how the hell do they get repairs done otherwise – the helper who my husband has no experience at all doing this. On top of that my husband is 50 years old and you want to teach him a new job, good luck with that.

    If you have this judge find another one if you can!!!!!

  3. Bonita says:

    Hi, I’ve been fighting this system for years and even been before Mary Brennan which led my case before a Appeal Council who remanded it back to her because the facts did not add up. That was almost a year ago, I’ve been hospitalized and chain to beds like a dog in the streets because I have seizure and even through I do as my doctors ask it’s still happens. I will be going to court soon but until then all I do is

  4. Anonymous says:

    If you get this judge be prepared for a denial even with medical evidence shown and doctors statements. He will throw them out and not use them. My husband doesn’t go to the doctor for every little thing MR. KNOW IT ALL. My husband is disabled by anyone that knows him and you surely don’t. First he lies about my husband’s age, then he lies about what jobs my husband can do, the jobs that stated my husband could do you have to interact with co-workers all day or most of the day and in the same denial he states my husband can only be around co-workers and supervisors occasional and have no contact with the public. BS that my husband wouldn’t be around co-workers only occasional on either job. The one of the jobs he can only crouch and stoop occasionally but the job details state you must clean floors and walls, how is this occasional????? This judge is a joke and doesn’t care if you are disabled or not, he only cares about his number of denials so he looks good to his supervisor!!!! If you get this judge ask for a new judge, move, or settle for a denial. Kansas is the worst state in the United States for denials and there is a reason because of ALJs like him. He totally disregarded both of the doctors my husband seen and he saw him more than once, plain out lied about that. He assumes and lies don’t TRUST him one bit!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Horrible judge. Shouldn’t be allowed to be in office as an ALJ. Originally had him in Topeka for my first hearing. When he asked about my conditions, I informed him I have Asperger’s Syndrome and can’t work. He angrily said “I know people who have Asperger’s and can work. I’m no fool!” He totally upset my witness AND my mom, along with me. I was going to file a complaint against him, but didn’t. I should have though. He is nothing but someone who has no empathy for any of his claimants. He already had his mind made up after I said that. Although, he did allow me to continue my hearing because I had no attorney NOR did I have all the evidence secured to proceed. Thankfully, after two attorneys turning me down, I retained one who requested a LIVE hearing, so I got to get away from him. My attorney did not pursue filing a complaint against him, although I advised him of my treatment and what happened.

    I wish all of you who get stuck with him luck. He is someone who can be angered easily and after that, have his mind made up. Be prepared to appeal and use his exact words against him if he does throw that crap at you like he did me. Horrible treatment and he REALLY needs to get out of office. I wish there was a way to fire them. He would be the first to go.

  6. Bella Vedder says:

    Normally i dont think that personal testimony and opinion counts for a lot…but since “Mike” bases all of his professional decisions off nothing more than his opinion, i guess it counts more than the facts, in this case. Apparently, Mike is also a doctor…or thinks he is. Who knew?! He gave me his opinions on my medical records, and wow! They were things id never ever been told i even had before! Crazy! Ive been to all these specialists and my disability judge knew waaaay more than ANY of them!!!! He even manifested some of my lost paperwork!!! Or l*ed…but when has anyone ever known the government to l*e. Ppsh! Never!
    P.s. Its weird when you dont look people in the eye, Mike….it might lead them to believe theres some other….reason behind it.

  7. Anonymous says:

    To-the-point, no-nonsense. Very professional.

  8. Anonymous says:

    This judge will tell the claimant not to smoke and then after the hearing go around back for a smoke break.

  9. Anonymous says:

    It’s my opinion that Mr. Mance make his opinions based on his on personal views. Whereas, Mr. Mance denied a person Social Security because he figured the person would experience a substantial financial gain. “ALJ-Mance”, the claimant would experience a substantial financial gain if he were to be awarded [sic] Supplemental Security Income Payments. Not that the person is disabled and entitled to the benifits. How can Mr. Mance make the right decision when it’s clear that his decisons are not based on law, but, his on prejudice bias thoughts.

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