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  1. Suffering Patients says:

    Let me make it clear he’s an “ASSHOLE” I have another bulged disc that was found this year. That’s now “2” bulged disc (L3-L4). “He asked me if I have more pain?”. What? Also my S1 is impinged and my front of my quads are constantly in pain including my back, I can’t stop shaking of the pain. I also walk with a limp, because of pain. I also have a dead nerve in my right leg due to my accident. I fell off a motorcycle In high school (GLADSTONE) in Covina. How can you have more pain when you are already at “10” as far as pain levels go? I have an Hemangioma on my Thoracic area of my spine, from the accident, that is very painful. I could feel blood leaking down my back. I resigned from work when I turned 40 yrs old. from the pain that left me crippled. That’s when my disc (L4) started bulging and I started taking strong scheduled drugs for “Pain” Dr. eventually kicked me out of his office. It’s a trick so they don’t get Audited by the DA. (District Attorney). Sinovation Group LLC. uses this practice of kicking out patients that take high doses of meds. Why? To protect there company from getting (Audited)(Shameful practice) They own a few offices in Southern California and have top of the line Lawyers. I couldn’t believe it. They said, “we don’t believe you”. My right hip area was in a lot of pain. ( I got a nerve conduction test done from a different Dr, not (Synovation) that proves that I suffer from impinged (pinched nerves) nerves in that area plus more areas of my back. 😩I have Multiple Neuropathy. They sent me to get an injection for my hip pain, in which they say, they have no record of. What? What the hell is going on? Why would they say that? Then kicked me out. They told me I couldn’t be seen by any of there Drs. What? So I go to Upland and that Dr kicked me out and said that I have a “Drug addicted Personality“, I never got one pill from him. I ended up seeing 5 different Drs. Who would not properly give me my dose of meds needed to control my pain. Every new Dr refused to give me my proper dose of pain meds. so I had no choice, but to find another Dr. anyways my life has been a living hell! Mind you I have worked in the Medical field 20 yrs. That means nothing to them. So ending notes, if you suffer from any kind of back pain you have a slim to no hope chance in getting SSDI. I’m sorry 😐 I’m so negative. My only option is Suicide.

  2. Michael Walker says:

    How do we all get together and start a class action lawsuit against this guy?

  3. Michael Walker says:

    Just look at his numbers to see how poorly he does his job, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have been denied by any other judge.
    His prejudice obviously plays a role in his decisions.
    He omitted things in his report about my condition to deny me,… there’s no legitimate reason I should have been denied.

  4. Alex says:

    This judge is awesome!!!!! Whoever says otherwise probably didn’t have proper documentation or didn’t have enough medical evidence…we were given a fully favorable decision on a child’s ssi benifits and child’s cases are often more complicated…He was very very nice and understanding towards my sons inability to remain still and was very professional and handled my sons case very well!!! after reading comments from previous claimants making it seem like he was a horrible person I can honestly say that those reviews are wrong! There had to be a reason he didn’t approve it and only you know why…if you are really disabled this judge isn’t going to question it he is very honest in his decision making!! Way to go judge Radensky!!!!

  5. One Person says:

    Judge Radensky reviewed my case in 2008. I too have been through the “medical nightmare” that life puts us all in – seven spine surgeries, one shoulder surgery, countless medicines and thearapy. While I feel that my hearing may have been stacked to illicit reactions from me, the reviewed, it was nothing but fair. That’s not to say others in need won’t be denied. Mistakes happen, not a single being is capable of being perfect. However, I feel with 100% certainty that Judge Radensky is completely honest in his assessment of us and his attempt to do his job – judging us, the people.

    Sometimes people need some proof of the claims of others. Here’s the proof I can give you. I leave my property, which is owned 100% by me in Priest River Idaho, where my parents have resided for the last 20 years at my expense. I paid for it while I was healthy, with legitimate funds, to ensure my parents would have a place to lay their heads as they travel through the “golden years”.
    This week, the week of March 27, 2017, My father, whom I hate and love, like and dislike, want to hug and kick at the same time, is in need of a new heart. He has needed it since the early 80’s. If we as a medical society have progressed to a point where its possible to give him said heart, I will leave 100% of said property (14-15 acres in the beautiful, and I mean BEAUTIFUL, Priest River Idaho in the hands of Judge Michael Radensky to pay for the cost of said procedure. Note that it is a prime piece of land all would envy. Love One Person

  6. Anonymous says:

    very understanding and meticulous regarding his reading of your case file. If you are trying to hide something he will find it. He read statements from my file that were from when I was 20 years old more than 16 years ago and agreed with the attending physician. I think he gets a bad rap for doing his job well. if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to worry about.

  7. Bob Smith says:

    Not enough room here to state all of Radensky’s blatant lies! Never even reviewed my medical records because they’re “older” and I have no medical or income, so I CANNOT afford to see a Dr. Mountains of evidence MORE than proving several severe health issues easily amounting to a disability. He made ALL kinds of false statements and assumptions instead of asking me questions. He gave NO WEIGHT to the opinion of the physician I saw most recently because he’s ONLY a PA, even though he works under the direct supervision of a Dr. This man is an IMBECILE who’s apparently only concerned with maintaining the HIGHEST DENIAL RATE ANYWHERE of 61%! Almost DOUBLE that of ALL OTHER ALJ’s in the entire nation!The average in CA. is ONLY 34% and his own office is ONLY 49%!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I have more than enough medical evidence to back up my claim. Stated things in his ruling that i never said. So now thanks to degenerative disc disease and Judge Radensky we will loose the last thing our family has our home I wonder how you can sleep at night after sitting and listening and watching a so blatently broken person in every way possible and then deny them. Now my family and i will be homeless thanks for that. I hope god has mercy on your soul !!!!

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