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  1. Anthony says:

    I cannot agree more with the post from 8/6/12….

    I went to a hearing in front of this excuse for a man. I have PTSD from when officers opened fire killing my partner ontop of me and I was also born with Psoriasis which has turned into Psoriatic Arthritis; which has pitted and turned my bones into that of an 80 year old at age 30.

    The judge began reading news reports from google in court, he then went ahead and opted to put me on trail for things the news articles said. Even when my attorney purposely made my disabilities start a year after this. And even when these articles were proven wrong by the law…

    He wanted nothing to do with my Arthritis conditions, regardless of what was said by his own doctors nor mine. He then started calling me a drug addicted as my primary care physician recommended I get LEGAL medical marijuana…

    I am glad I have an attorney but I have never left feeling so horrible or depressed about medical conditions I had no part in the matter of..

    I then received a 14 page denial from him changing everything from my sex to my medical conditions. Even after stating what his own hired doctors had to say about me not able to work a full work scheduled….he then concluded I can still be a cashier….how does one stand when their knee is the size of a watermelon, toes curled, arches raised and shrinking both two inches in height and shoe size…

  2. T. Dunbar says:

    Judge Tucevich was fantastic. He made me feel very comfortable. He was warm and genuinly caring. Thank you for helping make such a stressful event easier.

  3. Jasna Pecarski says:

    I did not feel that I was at a hearing but conversing with a friend. Wonderful judge and fair.my case was approved in June 2011.

  4. Mel says:

    Judge was very respectful and treated my disabled daughter with great respect. My daughter was approved and he reviewed everything accordingly. Thanks to him everything is going awesome for us.

  5. Anonymous says:

    ALJ T is the greatest ALJ in the Phoenix ODAR officer, besides ALJ Moulaison. He is fair in his judgments and is the most comical in regards to his court hearings. The thoroughness he displays in his decisions is excellent, and there’s a reason he’s been on the bench for all these years.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Agreed. I would love for the current commissioner or whomever is selected to actually sit in on hearings for judge’s like this. The hearing process is supposed to be non-adversarial but this poor excuse for a human being is somehow unaware.

  7. Anonymous says:

    This ALJ is very bias, outrageous, unenthical, screams and yells, believes everyone else in untruthful and not forcoming if there is a slight difference or misunderstanding in communications. He see himself as a GOD like figure and treats the claimant as a criminal who should be locked up for life. I could hear him yelling through the door at the claimant before me, and he yelled as me as well, even though I was doing the best I could considering I had not had my medication. The doctor on the phone had advised him that she did recommend an approval for my disability, but he wanted me to give up what was owed to me (in back pay), and take less in payments from SSDI in order to approve my claim. This (ALJ) clearly has no respect for his oath, postion, or people and should be removed from the bench and duties he has abused.

  8. Anonymous says:

    This ALJ tends to say outrageous comments and belittle people. Prepare your claimant for either a 5 minute hearing or a 45 minute berating. The ALJ will often talk off the record before the hearing and try to get you to withdraw, amend or simply tell you he will grant the case. If he does not intend to grant the case then the ALJ focuses on any part of the claim he perceives as criminal or fraudulent and will cross-examine your claimant as if in criminal court. As a result, a claimant will often leave the hearing in tears or furious.

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