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  1. Sybil Jeffries says:

    I had a social security disability hearing before Judge Heitz on October 23, 2013. Of course the decision hasn’t been issued yet, so human nature being what it is, I feel my opinion right now is not biased. Judge Heitz was very kind, compassionate and genuine in the entire matter. He spoke to me in a respectful and calming manner. I was not represented by an attorney so I believe I was probably even more nervous than the average person. He explained every aspect to me in an understandable, logical way. He even concluded the hearing by wishing me and my family the best for the future. Naturally I am praying he issues a favorable outcome for my case, but at least he made the hearing as bearable as he could. I am grateful that he was the judge for my hearing.

  2. Carol says:

    this alj has published papers on TBI and KNOWS the disability effects differ from day to day, even hour to hour. I truthfully answered “yes” bcuz i have swept snow off my 2×2 foot front porch some days–said that qualifies me to be a maid..never mind I forget where I park my car or if I’ve put away the milk, turned off the stove, etc. Johns Hopkins brain surgeon report AND NIH study for effects of headaches that last for days…also said I could be
    pipe fitter — omg, documented nerve damage to my dominant hand. He disregarded the fact that I get lost easily and pointed to all the jobs that are 20 miles away from where I CAN navigate.

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