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  1. Benny Greene says:

    Can you reschedule my hearing. I will need to come alone again . An attorney did not meet with me. I was told by the social security office that an attorney would do that. I have no representation. Can you reschedule my hearing ? Benny Lee Greene 423-268-0946

  2. Anonymous says:

    I recently appeared in front of Judge Davenport. My wife suffers from severe social phobia and mental psychosis. The Judge was very kind to allow me to sit in the room with my wife. I feed the judge listend fairly to my wifes testimony. Responded well with the lawyer and VE. He asked well target hypothetical questions to the VE regarding my wifes conditon. Regardless of the outcome; I feel Judge Davenport provides a fair and non judgmental court room where the actual evidince is used and the judge does not predetermin cases.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wish I could appear before him with more cases. Reasonable, calm, professional, rational and logical–whatever his decision, I believe he will make it fairly and will consistently apply the law.

    Know your case, though, and be prepared to adapt your presentation if he points out an issue about which he wants more information. In my most recent case, he asked me to address a past work issue at the beginning of my questioning.

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