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  1. Anonymous says:

    He left Social Security in Dec. 2012 for a judge job back east.

  2. Pete R. says:

    He’s definitely persistent, so I wouldn’t beat around the bush or try to B.S. him. Bottom line, he’s fair and he obviously does his homework, he knew my case better than my own lawyer.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Many clients and attorneys are put off by his demeanor. He gives a first impression of being very rigid, brusque–almost to the point of rudeness. (I think he was either a prosecutor, a drill instructor, or a nun in his past life!) While I respect (and agree with) his well-intentioned attempts to expedite and bring more efficiency to the hearing process, I feel he goes a bit overboard in interrupting and reprimanding clients for every single (in his mind) “incorrect” response. Of course, this management style, especially his rigid insistence on limiting comments to only “yes” or “no” responses to questions is fertile, easy ground successful AC appeals.

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