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  1. He knows who I am. says:

    I have 2 failed fusion surguries in my neck and a third herniated disk the Dr’s won’t operate on, my right arm is disabled due to 6 operations I’ve had on it. Got 5 bad disk in my lower back and both my hips are going out, plus depression problems. I’m 55 years old and all I know is factory work that I can’t do any more. He blatanly lied and distorted the truth about my condition. He only believe what he wants to believe and ignores what he doesn’t. He called me a lier and my Dr. a quack. Why is this guy allowed to do this?

  2. Anonymous says:

    two psychiatrists/ two pshychologists/ and two vocational rehab representatives
    agree that because of proven brain atophy (2 MRI’s, 2CT scans, and 2 Psych tests
    that I am Unable to retain any gainful employment. He is still without a decicion. One of my psyciatrist asked, what does it take, do you have to lose the other half of your brain as well?

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