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  1. It doesn't matter says:

    Michael should be disbarred. I will be filing a complaint with Social Security on this individual that thinks he is smarter than Physicians and medical providers and completely discounts anything a Doctor has to say in his/her diagnoses, He has no compassion or common sence. I’m glad I don’t have to get up every morning in the same bed as he and have to look at him. He misjudges facts and he bases his decisions on assumtions. From what I understand is most of the ALJ’s in Jacksonville are completely miserable in their jobs. I’ve spoken to the Office of Appeals where complaints can be lodged in Virginia and even they are appalled at his behavior in the decision letter. He will tear you apart. He pointed me out as if I was a monster. If I could give less than one star I would.

  2. Dale Morris says:

    This judge does not judge your disabilities he judges you as a person witch is not right. He believes there is no such thing as a disabled hunter. He believes anyone that can pull a trigger can be a ticket taker though there is thousands of disabled hunters in America. He also believes that Truck driver’s that hulls hazmat and make $50.000 a year are uneducated people. Though that person has past 8 Fedaral back ground checks post 9/11 and has never been arrested or failed a drug test and has paid into S.S. for 35 years. Now I cant even get a aspirin because he judges you as a person. Why discriminat against someone then tell them they have bad hygiene.? You think the may have bad hygiene because they cant take care of there self.? This country couldnt make it 1 day without truck drivers and you think there uneducated.? I’m wondering who really is the uneducted person.? Now that I lost everything I ever worked for and will be homeless at the end of July this is how I will be spending my 50th birthday.

  3. Janet Denton says:

    I believej Judge Michael Krasnow is a very fair and honest judge.

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