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  1. Meghan says:

    I haven’t received my decision from my September 29, 2016 hearing yet, however I was told it is waiting to be signed off by Judge Breton. During my hearing I thought he was very kind and somewhat compassionate. My hearing was very short, maybe 20-25 min. I was representing myself and I felt this ALJ was patient and understanding with me. Of course, I hope for a positive outcome and to receive an approval but either way my opinion will not change on the attitude and demeanor of this ALJ.

  2. Zack says:

    I was seen by judge breton and afterwards when i recieved his decision he flat out disregarded the entire hearing he stated no listing of mdi was given when it was from the ssa medical witness, he stated i could return to work when the ssa vocational expert stated there are no jobs for me. And he stated my primary and my specialist docters (rheumatology, pain managment, and neurology) were all not creditable sources when ssa states the claiments doctors should hold the most weight. So this judge flat out lied to deny me. I have seceral chronic pain conditions and mental health issues and this guy sits there and denies even the ssa witnesses its rediculous and illeagle watch out if u get him.

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