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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is a company man. He changed my testimony to fit him denying me benefits. Claimed I could still do light duty work, or sit at a desk all day. I have spinal issues from S1-L5, all the way up to C4-C5. I haven’t been able to sit for almost 10 years, how is it I am suppose to be able to sit at a job? I’ve been in front of him twice now over the last 9 years fighting for disability. The first decision proved to be false and fraud, because I wasn’t able to get a job or work. The second time he didn’t notice most of my medical records were missing, and the administration lied about their findings. Fraud again. He basically covered up for them, and again refused me disability. I could almost hear him laughing at me as I walked out the court room door as he pretended to be nice. Because of all this, I have absolutely no respect for the Social Security administration. They are an incredibly corrupt organization. I know people who are on disability, who have far less issues than I do and were approved without ever having to go through the mess that I did. How is this happening? If I don’t qualify, neither do they, and yet the administration gave it to them on a sliver platter. He totally left out the age law in my case for being reduced to light work or sedentary work. He ignores the laws, he ignores comments, he ignores health issues, and gets by with it. There’s no accountability. I willing to bet he is falsely approving people as much as he is falsely denying people like me.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Asked questions that required one to “assume” another’s reasoning or viewpoint. Heard and obviously listened to nothing that the Occupational Specialist due to the fact that every job that she stated that she could find for me went against any or all of my conditions/diagnoses. What a joke that a 100% disabled veteran with letters from actual medical / mental health professionals cannot come out on the winning side of this kind of hearing, yet Willie Welfare can.

  3. brianne says:

    this juge hellped me and now i am still waiting for my ssi my caseworker is refusing to do her job its been since june when i got approved for my case

  4. Anonymous says:

    I just got my letter from the Determination office today, with a very positive answer for me! It still says it could take 60 days before I start receiving benefits, but I am thrilled to know that I WILL be getting them! I felt that Judge Dayton was very patient with me, and was very empathetic. I had a great experience with him the day of my hearing.

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