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  1. Anonymous says:

    Worst judge ever only goes on what he wants does not give any consideration to anyone and based in age your not a doctor you are a judge n to tell someone they can do other work when a doctor said no work. You need to retire n get a judge who will listen instead of NO your not disabled because obviously you don’t walk one minute in my shoes period. When it’s your time I hope they say DENIED you get no stars

  2. Anonymous says:

    WORST JUDGE EVER!! unfavorable decision in the mail three times!! My case went all the way to Federal Court I won in Federal Court they sent it back trying to make the Judge make things right but nope didn’t work!! I am fused at two different spots in my neck and I suffer from chronic nerve damage get injections every 8 weeks little depression and anxiety!! But I have been para pro for a school district and my neck was getting worse so now I am herniating at above and below fusions!! I cannot apply for no more disability because my earned benefit has ran out!! So I have been looking and applying for jobs they say they don’t discriminate but they do!! I want to go to work everyday and work it’s just finding someone to hire me I will work in pain!! I am just over all this fighting my disability for 7 years this Judge thought he was the doctor too he didn’t listen to any of my doctors etc!!

  3. Annette Liskovec says:

    We just received my husbands favorable letter in the mail and it has been along time coming… I just wanted to put a response out there that this judge is not all bad news like I have been reading. He really listened, asked questions, and I tell you one thing, Judge Condon is thorough, he goes through your file with a fine tooth comb, He knew my husbands case from the time of his first injury and surgery, he knew every doctor, every surgery, every procedure and everything that he has been through.. He literally knew his file from top to bottom.. Expect to wait a little longer for his decision because like I said he goes over everything … It was 45 days from my husbands hearing to receive the decision… We couldn’t be anymore pleased with Judge Condon!! He literally changed our lives.. The last few years have been excruciating.. Unfortunately my husband will never be free of his pain or his other conditions and will have to battle this the rest of his life BUT we can do this with a little less stress knowing we have some room to breath now…

  4. Annonymous says:

    The worst judge by far in the Grand Rapids office. Routinely rejects treating physician opinions on the most specious of reasons. I only wish he could experience health problems to maybe develop a hint of empathy. No stars.

  5. DC says:

    I just received my unfavorable decision and I also wonder if this person is a doctor. My doctor filled out paperwork for me and I was still denied. He was profiling me from the minute i walked in the room and the first question he asked was “Do you receive food stamps” which I do not. We have NEVER lived off the state. I was not asking for WELFARE benefits, i was asking for SSDI (INSURANCE). I have numerous issues and he dismissed every one of them saying they were not severe enough. I invite this judge to my home for one week and see how my disease is affecting me on a daily basis. It is slowly killng me, my disease is a DEATH SENTENCE. All these young kids running around getting SSI cause they can’t handle life can get it over and over again.

  6. John Speckine says:

    I just received my “Unfavorable” decision in the mail and after reading it, I wonder exactly what a person has to do – especially after the Veterans Administration rated me as “Unemployable”.

    I made it very clear in my testimony that I cannot work set hours. My body tells me when I can and cannot do things – ANYthing. I cannot sit in a position required to type (or otherwise work on a computer) for more than 20 or 30 minutes at a time, after which I need to recline or lay down for an hour or so before I can again sit in that position. I cannot stand for more than a couple of minutes, for which reason I only shower two or three times a week (it hurts to get in and out of the shower and it’s excruciating to stand long enough to get clean).

    I also have trouble sleeping because of the pain in my back and have to take sleep medication to get any sleep at all. I take the medication between 4:00 and 6:00 PM and when I wake up, I’m drowsy and unable to function with any lucidity until about 10:00 in the morning, sometimes noon. I don’t know how in the world I am expected to be able to find an employer who would hire me under those conditions.

    I received notice, via phone, from the Veterans Administration (on May 27, 2015) that my disability status had been moved to UNEMPLOYABLE due to my injuries. This notice was faxed immediately to Judge Condon’s office on June 2 (the day I received the written notice), but it is not cited as one of the exhibits used in making his “Unfavorable” decision even though the decision was written on June 9.

    One would think that if the VA rates me as “Unemployable”, that in itself would verify the fact that I’m disabled and can no longer work. I’m at a loss to understand the “Unfavorable” decision that has been handed down in my case. Now, after having already waited over two years to begin receiving disability, I’ll have to appeal – again – and wait several more months – again – for the next step to finalize. It’s very frustrating.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Remember the song “Back Stabber”? This guy “smiles in your face” and comes across real nice and sympathetic in the hearing, but is not interested in what a person has to say about how life goes. He picks and chooses what evidence he likes, and seems to think you need to be in a wheelchair, at least, to get benefits. He has no appreciation for how much pain can impact functioning. Be ready to appeal if you are unfortunate enough to be in from of him.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Bad judge. Goes out of his way to ignore claimant testimony, plays doctor in making his own medical judgments, and does not understand the nature of mental illness. No stars for him.

  9. Anonymous says:

    What a wonderful judge he approved my SSD in May 2013 and got my first ck July 2013 i could not had asked for a nicer and caring man a little more faith came back in me about our system

  10. Anonymous says:

    Judge Condon was completely fair at my hearing. He was both kind and professional. He asked pertinent questions which showed me he was informed about my case and had indeed read all my files. He allowed me adequate time to ask and answer questions. He came to his decision in a timely manner. If you are honest and truly have a good case he will be fair with you.

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