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  1. Jennifer Sherwin says:

    I had my hearing with Judge Schaefer in September of 2022. While I haven’t received a decision yet, I do feel that he took the time to look at my case before the hearing and was very patient with me because of my quirks. I do feel he gave me opportunity to express my concerns and shortcomings but I have a lot of memory issues so I realized later on I left out some important things… I am hopeful I will be approved.

  2. Arthur Looby says:

    I just had a hearing where we clearly proofed I wouldn’t wouldn’t able to work because no job allows me to use the bathroom whenever and not just at set times. And that I would not be reliable with my issues that I probably would miss more then 3 days work that I would have to use the bathroom probably several times a working period for roughly a half hour each time. That I also wouldn’t be able to eat because I would get sick right away and wouldn’t be able to work. The vocational expert agreement that in that case with constant bathroom breaks and using bathroom when I have to otherwise I spoil myself and that I also not could be reliable since I would miss working days. All that even after the vocational expert said in that case there wouldn’t be any job I could perform the judge totally disregarded that and still deemed me able to work. He just wanted to hear what he wanted to hear and totally ignored the that there isn’t a job I could do with the constant bathroom breaks and missing days. I find that this alone shows that this judge is very biased and disregards evidence that is favorable for the claimant. He is a good judge for thr government so they do not have to pay even with clear evidence that the claimant can’t perform work. He is good for the government to disregard evidence and is favorable for a claimant He makes sure no matter what that the claimants get denied and makes sure the government doesn’t need to pay. He is corrupt and unfit unfair and biased and is should not be a judge for disability. He shows the level of corruption there is in the USA and how it is always for the rich and never for the poor and pol that ask and need help.

  3. Tammy S Brncik says:

    I felt Judge Michael Schafer was not only kind, but fair. He spent a great deal listening to my side along with Social Security. I won the case so I am ever so thankful. Its too bad Social Security doesn’t do what they are told to do; give me my benefits. Instead, they are doing everything they can to stall the process and not give me my benefits I need and truly deserve. Thanks your honor for your time.

  4. Rebecca May says:

    After an hour and 45 minute hearing I felt the judge was pushing to deny my disability! The judge appointed jobs person answered the judges questions and came to the conclusion I was unable to work! If unable to work how is a person suppose to survive??? The judge made a decision on the review of 2 doctor reports that never even seen me they had just read the (I say false) report of the one they sent me to!!! Which I seen again July 2016 and he said to me only good thing was my heart, whether or not he put that in my report or not, if not I don’t feel it should be valid to use at my next hearing! I first applied Oct 2011 now here it is Jan 2017 still waiting on second hearing and on the verge of homeless!

  5. Cory S. says:

    Judge Schaefer is an awesome man, takes in all the information in all fairness. It didn’t take him long to do my paperwork and get me a decision. If I had to do this all again and had a chance to choose my judge I’d go through it with him.

  6. Anonymous says:

    My experience is that Judge Schaefer was setting up the case for the claimant to fail. He was a former prosecutor and it felt like my client was gently being cross examined and led into negative statements which exaggerated what he could do, and which led to what I believe was an improper denial.

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