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  1. Tammy S Brncik says:

    I felt Judge Michael Schafer was not only kind, but fair. He spent a great deal listening to my side along with Social Security. I won the case so I am ever so thankful. Its too bad Social Security doesn’t do what they are told to do; give me my benefits. Instead, they are doing everything they can to stall the process and not give me my benefits I need and truly deserve. Thanks your honor for your time.

  2. Rebecca May says:

    After an hour and 45 minute hearing I felt the judge was pushing to deny my disability! The judge appointed jobs person answered the judges questions and came to the conclusion I was unable to work! If unable to work how is a person suppose to survive??? The judge made a decision on the review of 2 doctor reports that never even seen me they had just read the (I say false) report of the one they sent me to!!! Which I seen again July 2016 and he said to me only good thing was my heart, whether or not he put that in my report or not, if not I don’t feel it should be valid to use at my next hearing! I first applied Oct 2011 now here it is Jan 2017 still waiting on second hearing and on the verge of homeless!

  3. Cory S. says:

    Judge Schaefer is an awesome man, takes in all the information in all fairness. It didn’t take him long to do my paperwork and get me a decision. If I had to do this all again and had a chance to choose my judge I’d go through it with him.

  4. Anonymous says:

    My experience is that Judge Schaefer was setting up the case for the claimant to fail. He was a former prosecutor and it felt like my client was gently being cross examined and led into negative statements which exaggerated what he could do, and which led to what I believe was an improper denial.

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