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  1. Curtis Heldenbrand says:

    The guy is a judge not a Dr. he does not even listen to the appointed social worker. Case was denied.

  2. Tomtom says:

    So I had my hearing seemed to go well very polite and professional towards me and lawyer hopefully a good experience we shall see will let u know when I know.

  3. tom tom says:

    i have a hearing before him in june i am very nervous i hope i get approved will let u know

  4. E. St. John says:

    Judge Scurry was very thorough at my hearing on April 15th, 2015. A few weeks later I received my letter from his office. He exhibited a very professional presence for my disability case. I appreciate his kindness toward me and my lawyer.

  5. Genely Greely says:

    I would like to add to a previous post I made.
    I have received my decision letter from Judge Scurry’s ODAR Office pretty fast. It took only 18 days to receive a response. That is lightning fast to me from what I have researched on the Web. That is also not receiving a bench decision too.

  6. Genely Greenly says:

    I recently had a hearing with “Judge Scurry”. I do feel that he does try to take in all of the information that is being presented before him.
    A different poster made the comment that no one was allowed other than the AlJ judge, reporter, lawyer & VE(Vocational Expert). Not even for moral support. To that poster. If you do any research at all it will tell you that you will not be allowed in the room as well. Most ALJ’s just do not allow that. Even if you have a witness they will be called in & then asked to leave after their testimony is complete.
    Also it could be made that that poster did not receive a favorable decision as well.

    Now back to Judge Scurry. I do feel he was very polite, well spoken & thoroughly reads the case file & asks appropriate questions needed to make a decision. I did not receive a “Bench Decision” but am very hopeful for a positive outcome.

    I do wish all the best who go in front of this judge & just a word of advice. Have an updated medicine list, dates of employment, address & common need to know list with you. He does ask these questions to you, not your lawyer.
    He is very, very thorough!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Judge Scurry was very polite when my husband had his trial. However, he does not allow witnesses to testify (or at least did not in our situation) or even come in the room and simply be moral support for the person who is before him. He seemed as though he was genuinely listening to the testimony given but when the decision was made hardly any of the testimony or evidence from the attorney, doctors, etc. was mentioned. I feel like his decision was made before we ever entered the courtroom. Some information in the decision was incorrect and truthfully made no sense. We feel like that we could have gone in the courtroom and said the abc’s or spoke in a different language and it wouldn’t have mattered because he seemed to imply that the statements made in court were untruthful. I don’t know how others who have had cases in front of him feel, but considering his denial rate is 10 points higher than the national average, I feel as though we did not have a fair trial and, as I stated before, the decision was made before we ever entered the courtroom. We are very displeased with Judge Scurry and would be fearful and worried if any friend or family member were to be going in front of him for their disability hearing. I do not know Mr. Scurry on a personal level and my opinion of him as an ALJ is solely based on our experience with him in that capacity.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t previously met Judge Scurry before my hearing. However, this is a man that treats people with dignityb& respecet. I respect men like that

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