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  1. How is she a ALJ??? says:

    Absolute joke! Kelly completely disregarded EVERYTHING my doctors, social security doctor and medical records say. Her mind was already made up before I entered the room. Very bitter woman that thinks she can ‘save’ social security by rejecting such a high %. How does this cold hearted ***** sleep at night? I was a witness for a friend of mine 6 years ago in Spokane. Kelly was as nice as pie. She made small talk, friendly and approved my friends disability on minimal grounds. Here I am…6 years later filing for my own disability and Kelly acts like money comes directly out of her pocket! Insulted me, belittled me, degraded me causing me MORE emotional harm. My service dog didn’t even like her!!! At all costs…request a different ALJ judge! The ***** himself giving me an enema with a hot poker would have gone better.

  2. Anonymous says:

    About the only suggestion I have for any one in Montana applying for disability, move and hope 60 minutes does a story on this area. Kelley was run out of West Virginia, 7% approval now up to 20%, don’t go to your hearing with her or Kiljoy, you have no chance. I bet they get a bonus for most denials.

  3. Anonymous says:

    AlJ Kelley was quick to point out that I had cannabis in my system for the record. However, she failed to report that it was approved By the VA Doctor and Medical Marijuana card is on file. Dr. even states that he recommends eating cannabis verse smoking it. Funny how they leave certain things out to make people think you’re abusing the system. In all reality the ALJ’s are the ones abusing their power by not being honest about reviewing your claim in full.

  4. Kevin Loader says:

    Here goes another appeal. AlJ Kelley adopted and copied AlJ Kilroy’s conclusion word for word and denied case. I guess she didn’t take time to review the 9th Circuit Supreme Court decision stating that AlJ Kilroy errored in most of his conclusion. This is so wrong! What a waist of time for everyone. I guess they call this monopoly game job security. People’s lives really don’t matter.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Well folks, you’re not alone. I’ve been filing since 2012. Denied by ALJ Kilroy. Took it to 9th Circuit Court. Had court with AlJ Kelley while waiting on 9th Circuit decision. 9th Circuit judge said ALJ Kilroy made many errors. Case was reversed and remanded. She denied my case seeing I can have a retrial based on his errors. Here goes six years now. The system is very corrupt.

  6. Anonymous says:

    If you get your notice for a hearing, and this judge is listed, don’t go, protest, check whatever laws are on the books, you could have terminal cancer, and she would think you could still work the remaining 6 months of your life. At 18%, that basically means no one wins, surprisingly, when this judge was in West Virginia she approved 7%.

  7. Anonymous says:

    What does this judge have to do to lose her job? This is a clear case of someone laughing all the way to the bank. This is amazing.

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