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  1. Anonymous says:

    To jessica vogel: Judge Michelle Stolls is very nice but just the fact that you drive ( which I GUARANTEE she made note of when you said your car broke down) will be looked negatively against you. This woman doesn’t miss a trick and will use things such as this to deny you. I hope very much you win your case as I am sure you deserve it.

  2. jessica vogel says:

    I had my hearing by phone. My car broke down that morning, so she was very nice to me. Still waiting to hear, since they did not have records from my lung doctor. She was very nice and explained everything to me very well though. It has been almost two months, so hope to hear soon.

  3. Jessica Vogel says:

    I had my hearing over the phone, she was very nice to me. Could hear me having a hard time breathing on the phone. Asked me if I always sound like that. Still waiting on my answer so feeling hopeful.

  4. Hopeful says:

    She was very very nice, and made me feel extremely comfortable at the hearing. She is not i
    Intimidating or rude in any way. She listens well and does show empathy. Unfortunately I was denied, but life does go on. ALL who were denied have my sympathy and I hope that things turn around for you. I have to hope that better things are out there for me, and that there is a way to make a living even with my disability. At any rate she is VERY thorough and very tough in her decision making. I agree with other posts that she can twist things around to fit the denial, but I think that is what they are trained to do.

  5. Anonymous says:

    She very politely ruined my life.

  6. Jason says:

    Very sneaky Judge, does not bring up any issues or points at hearing so you cannot defend yourself. Acts like she really cares and then tears you to shreds in her denial, after the fact so that your attorney cannot address issues. Very sneaky and below board.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Response to previous post…..” I was also told in the report that I am so functional I even take care of our family pet, the only problem with that statement is I have no family pet.”
    That must be a standard scam they all pull. I had Gregory Hamel. He said I can take care of my pets. I don’t have any pets, I couldn’t afford them. I live in another persons house who has pets they take care of.

  8. Stuck in a no-win says:

    Ignored all medical evidence, but took the advice of a vocational expert who never even met me prior to the hearing. Did not take into consideration how meds affected me, OR that when you go for an interview most want to do a drug screen, so you have to tell them the meds you are on, when they see the cocktail you need to take, lets just say they are not beating your door in to give you a job. It’s so defeating, when all you want to do is get back what you paid in to the system when you really need it. I was also told in the report that I am so functional I even take care of our family pet, the only problem with that statement is I have no family pet. How do you move on from this? I dont wish bad things on anyone but I truly hope that someday these judges who like to throw their authority around, have the opportunity to find themselves in a situation they wouldnt wish upon their worst enemy, and see how easy it is to just put your disability aside and go out and find and keep a job. How would they like to be told, you can’t be a judge but you could be an usher at a movie theater? Demeaning and Degrading, Devastating and Disgusting.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Whoever said empathetic, I hope you are prepared. Total denial right before Christmas, My heart is broken, My life is in shambles. How can you go to work when you can barely get out of bed? What gives a judge the right to totally discount everything a Dr says? This has been the most heart wrenching experience of my entire life. It’s all over, there is no recovering from this. The denial letter makes me sound like a liar and makes my very reputable Dr sound like a quack. I am embarrased, devastated and my future has never looked so bleak.

  10. Anonymous says:

    She was so nice, and empathetic, still waiting on my decision.

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