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  1. CHRIS KELLER says:

    I intentionally did not check out this site or Judge Cavadi before my hearing, as I did not want to go in with a bias either way.  I see a lot of negative reviews here, but I will report I experienced none of the accusations of her being rude, uncaring, arrogant, etc.  As a Judge, I know she has to be impartial, and should not come in with a predisposed outcome.  In my case, I can state that she was extremely well prepared and knew my health record in depth, more so than I even imagined.  She asked appropriate, detailed questions, without showing any bias one way or another.   I answered her questions truthfully, without exaggeration.  She gave me every opportunity to ask questions and to add any other pertinent information I felt was appropriate.  I thought Judge Cavadi was extremely knowledgeable, and considerate of me as a human being.

  2. Greg says:

    I Fill Like This Judge Was putting Words in my Mouth,,,And She Was Twisting All Of My Statements Around Against Me Too.? I’m Like Trump I Will Never Stop Fighting these Demon’s ,I Guess its True Rich people only one’s That Get’s Approved,,And They are Able to Work And Do Not Need The Money If your Really Disabled,,Get a Better Attorney to Fight your case,,And Never STOP..I’m Not Going To Give Up,,I Hav;nt been able to work scent;s 2012..Because of my Heath Problem;s,,And i can’t afford to goe to a pain management Doctor,,I Told This Judge i could,nt afford to get my medication.s,This Judge said on paper why did I Take my Doctor advices and goe to a pain management Doctor,,Now you Know I Could not Afford it,,I Been getting help from my Family .And we are Barely making it,,Some Time;s i Just Fill like Blowing my Brains out,,With this Cov19 out break,,Its just getting worser,,I’m not going to blame no one for This,But The Truth is the Truth,,

  3. Anonymous says:

    It just seems like to me this judge was determined to deny my disability from the very get go. She had no empathy for me and my condition, and what I have been going through the last past two years leading up to my hearing none whatsoever. She in her unjust decision to deny my disability seemed to go full force to twist all of my statements around against me, and to undercut my disability status and just plain and simple didn’t care about me none whatsoever. I hope I never get her as a ALJ over any of my future cases ever again. That’s if I have to end up re-filing my whole case all over again.

  4. lawyer says:

    She comes in with her mind made up and has zero empathy.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hello..My name ..Is James Powell Had a Hearing on aug the 20th..I Want to make sure you have my right Address ..414.E.NW.Blvd.Win-Salem..NC 27101..Thank you..

  6. Anonymous says:

    I had read these reviews before having my hearing so naturally I was nervous. The Honorable Judge Michelle Cavadi is not like what people portray her to be. She explained when I first went in that she will not look at me because she is looking at her paperwork and the computer that has all my pertinent information. She asked me questions about my condition. She allowed me to ask any questions at the end of my hearing. I did not think she was rude. She is very knowledgeable in the law. So, don’t let bad reviews give you a wrong impression. If people don’t get the results they want, they tend to give people bad reviews.

  7. Anonymous says:

    She is a nightmare! She only focuses on one thing not your entire case. She is very rude. She is very arrogant, she acts as though she does not even want to be there. She does not have any expertise on the conditions I have and refuses to let you explain them to her.

  8. Anonymous says:

    A very unfair decision is one that is based on the lowest percentage of facts that count. A judge must consider all facts to be important. Its obvious in our case she was focused on one fact. Along with her lopsided view of our case,her absolute uncaring attitude showed through again, after a appeal was one, ms cavadi showed up with her intent to never be wrong and kept her lopsided, unfair, ratio of denials, right where she wants them.

  9. Anonymous says:

    absolute nightmare – she is a twit from twittersville – she is snooty, will not look at you with a serene caring look, acts like she owns the world and most definitely is the type, I think, that would undermine anything – she may know her law and what it takes to be a judge, but she is not a people person. Lost my case and hope to God Almighty I don’t get her again after filing my appeal – not impressed – she need to go back where she came from –

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