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  1. Jesse says:

    Judge Lindsey is a Crocket judge. If she denies you, she will lie on the letter of denial. She will mention thingsthat were not even talked about during the hearing. She will deny you for the sole purpose of making you lose benefits. If you have kids that will be entitle to benefits, she will deny you so that you will have to resubmit a new application and by the time a new hearing is set, your kids would have reach the age of over 18 years losing their benefits. She did it to me. Fk witch. She did it on purpose, left my family in the dust when i was undeniably disabled.

  2. N/A says:

    She is not good and big fat lesbo who went out on Fmla they denied people who need it!! Get her big ass off the benche!!

  3. C says:

    She’s a ******* ***** ** ****. She left on family leave and ******* my case up taking over 6 months just to deny me.

  4. Vanesa says:

    Judge Lindsey is fair and very professional and she is nice and knows how to tLk with kids and make them and myself feel nervous she is awesome. I’m waiting on my decision crossing fingers for son he has eplisey. Have a great day vanesa

  5. Anonymous says:

    I was wondering if any one had any information on this Judge? I had my hearing in February, but have yet to receive a decision. She seemed very professional and interested in the facts of my case, I had a lot of confidence when I left the hearing, but now worry has taken over. It has now been 5 months of review by the judge..No decision, is this normal?
    Thank you

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