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  1. Chris B Josey says:

    Really? In 2014 she denied my case, after two and a half years of waiting, because I did not report seventy dollars to irs. She said that because I was not honest with them, I was not being truthful about the pain I was, and still am, suffering through. Can you belive that?

  2. Nicole says:

    As an attorney practicing exclusively in the area of SSDI nationwide for the last 14 years, ALJ Ausems should be a role model for the rest. Her knowledge, attention to detail, professionalism and demeanour is superior. This ALJ understands how to conduct an impartial, non-adversarial hearing including the due process of rights of claimants,. Truly refreshing.

  3. JAMES Robinson says:

    Judge ausems was fair and thorough. She asked me questions concerning my PTSD symptoms, my back pain, and my overall health. She gave me a decision on my case the same day. This is hardly ever done. Thank you judge ausems.

  4. JAMES Robinson says:

    Judge ausems was fair and thorough. She gave me my determination the same day.

  5. Jack Cooper says:

    I found that Judge Ausems was very in tune and up to date with my case and the disability injuries that affect my life every day for the last 37 years. She was very empathetic to my daily struggles and made it a point to talk about them in detail on the record giving me time to tell my side of my disabilities that I suffer from daily. I found her to be very professional as well as prepared with the facts of my case she made me feel like I was being heard for the first time in my 37 years of dealing with my on the job injury that nearly took my life when I was just 20 years old. Judge Ausems made me feel comfortable and not rushed at all she made my 2-year wait seem worth it in her more than the favorable decision she made regarding my case and even made a point to come and share a fist bump and a quote she shared with me about something we both have had to deal with making me feel like she really does care and understand what we go through when we are no longer able to work because of our disabilities. Like the other single fathers that replied I have been told many different things by the agents that we contact when we have questions about our back pay. My hearing was in the middle of July I got my letter from the judge September 18th on what to expect on the back pay owed in that letter she says within 60 days i should be seeing some money from the payment center and when that never happen I called the number she told me to call to only get told many different things without any real reason why,no back pay yet and the payment center got the same info on september 18th as I did from the judge and they have already paid my lawyer his money and the amount that im suppose to recieve has been determined I even had the agents verify the amount with me so I know that they are just sitting on it against the judges ruling it has been five and a half months since I won my case yet they are still putting my life on hold when everything has been done for months. They say that they understand what we have gone through to get to this point and that they make it a priority to process these claims at this point of the process quickly ,but i have seen no evidence of that in my case,but rather quite the opisite and for them to offer many reasons why or to tell me different things when I call them is just wrong,however in no way do I blame Judge Ausems for flaws in social security ability to process her orders on my case in a timely fashion so I give Judge Ausems a big warm thumbs up in her part in all of this. Today is December 23rd, 2019 and I am still waiting for my award letter along with my sizeable back pay they owe me.

  6. Edwards says:

    I want to start with a thank you to judge Ausems for the full favorable decision.i waited for 2 long yrs for my hearing,at the hearing at the end judge Ausems said she would have her decision out in 30 day’s.it has been over 60 days and I’m a single dad of 3 young children. i took what she said about the 30 days to heart and i have been living on barely anything for several yrs now ..i just wish that when they say something they would stick to it.i have talked to representatives and they all have different answers.in my opinion(which means nothing to them because they don’t have to struggle)but if you win your case they should process it in a timely matter..

  7. Rob says:

    I want to thank Judge Ausems for the favorable decision,I waited for almost 2 years for my hearing..I’m also a single dad of 3 children.I was told by Judge Ausems that she would have the favorable decision in 30 days and in just a few days it will be 60 days…i hope after the lengthy wait for the hearing that this process will be alot faster.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I flew to Spokane in the middle of winter to represent a client before Judge Ausems a few years ago. Unfortunately, the weather worsened and I was actually stranded at the Spokane airport in the middle of a blizzard.

    I called ODAR to inform the clerk and ALJ Ausems was very kind, understanding, and even arranged for me to participate in the hearing via phone from my hotel room.

  9. Wade Sanders says:

    I received a denial for a hearing from Judge Ausems in 2010. In her denial Ausems wrote that I could request that she vacate or set aside her decision if I appealed to her within 10 days. I wrote to her and appealed to her to set aside her decision and submitted my request within the ten day period. I am still waiting to hear back from Judge Ausems. When my representatives went to the ODAR office in Spokane on my behalf to talk with Judge Ausems, Judge Ausems refused to speak with them and they were ordered out of the office at gunpoint by security.

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