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  1. Prefer to Withhold from Public says:

    I know Judge Gold does not have a high approval rate but I was honest and provided as much medical support as possible for one without insurance. As a result of some confusion in locating the venue, I was almost late and apologized but Judge Gold soothed that concern and continued the hearing without any negative discern.

    He was professional; listened without interruption and appeared to be genuinely open to what both my attorney and I had to say. I may not have had all that is required to win over a SSDI approval but I feel I did all that was possible and followed the guidelines of qualification as outlined on the SSA SSDI pages. My attorney reviewed with Judge Gold the “positives” of my being (no drugs, no drinking, no smoking, no switch from unemployment to disability filing, sparkling work history, etc.).

    I DO believe that if you try to smoke the Judge (or hide things), he has heard everything and would see right through you and any negativity of this Judge would be the result of one not being honest with themselves and thus, the courts. Know the rules, be completely honest, have facts not speculation and be concise in your presentation. I don’t believe this Judge comes into his court with any preconceived notions unless your case presents red flags that suggests possible fabrication.

    Regardless of a favorable/unfavorable decision of this Judge, I feel his overall delivery of my hearing was just and fair.

  2. Midnight says:

    I felt fortunate for Judge Gold being the judge assigned to my disability hearing. Judge Gold conducts his hearings in a professional and dignified manner. He is very articulate and obviously highly intelligent (don’t think for one second you can get something over on him) and hears the claimants case with patience and a sincere desire to know the case and it’s merits from the claimants point of view. In any case involving mental disabilities embarrassing questions MUST be asked and answered with complete honesty for the judge to get the information he needs to make a fair decision. Don’t try to downplay anything. That will only hurt your case and could easily lead to a denial. Don’t be shy.Tell it exactly as it is. Judge Gold has heard worse I assure you.

  3. Rita Kirkland says:

    I went before Judge Gold for a mental disability. Sever depression disorder, anxiety disorder and bi-polar disorder. All very well documented for approx. 6 years. Prior to the hearing I was sent to the states doctor for an evaluation. He agreed with my doctor in that I could no longer work. During the hearing Gold asked the states Vocational Expert his opinion. Not once, but twice, he stated that I was unemployable. Gold STILL denied my claim. Although he was very kind and respectful during the hearing I question if he should determine the fate of SSDI claimants as he only approves 28% of the cases which come before him.

  4. Billie Jean Massey says:

    I was more than pleased that Judge Gold reviewed my file and my SSA attorney’s five page legal brief before the ODAR hearing. I believe that Judge Gold is efficient, thus effective: he realized my life long hard working life wrought with never-ending disability discrimination and perhaps that I would not have gotten one word out in the hearing without falling a part! My SSDI entitlement was approved immediately and without a hearing-question asked. Thank you so very kind sir!

    I was only on this website to check on hearing dates and although unsolicited, I am very displeased or rather seriously disgusted with the Savannah SSA clerks (not licensed to practice law – hint, hint SSA applicants) for unlawfully keeping 2/3rds of my SSDI entitlement back pay, etc; the Savannah SSA ignored my SSA attorney (whom is licensed to practice law) for over 2.5 ignored Appeal years and thanks to Congressman Barrow’s office and the Savannah ODAR again (and in less than one day), my SSDI back pay is being released at some bureaucratic point and without a bothersome hearing! If that is because of Judge Gold too, I thank you again.

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