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  1. Annette says:

    How can I have her as my judge?

  2. Jada smith says:

    I was afraid period entering a courtroom with no representation but the judge I believe saw that fear and postponed the hearing so I could obtain representation. I have been advocating for my son for years but, I don’t blame the No its not going to work in your favor people I examine what I can do differently and I come back with my armor on.thanks Mrs Alden for helping in my time of fear those are the small things I appreciate. No is spelled No but it’s meaning doesn’t represent the End! It means what can I do differently to strengthen my case.it was a honor to come before you judge Alden and I haven’t received no decision yet but I’ve over came one more hurdle.

  3. Julie says:

    I want to move back to AZ to finish my claim but I want to request you as a Judge so I get a fair trial and the money I deserve. I can’t work and when I get a Judge who is unfair then I get denied, I will never have money to provide for my children.

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