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  1. She know if she reads this says:

    I’ve never seen a judge fight so hard, to (deny) a child’s disability. I’ve been up against her for the past several years, I’ve even went all the way to the Federal District Court, suing the SSA on behalf of her. A Federal Court judge (remanded) the case back to her, and she has once again, denied my child’s case. She’s been instructed to consider (all) evidence/facts involved in the case, and continues to deny on the very basis she was (remanded) for. She doesn’t believe a (learning disability) is actually a disability. If your child takes ADHD medication, and may have a couple days that weren’t a issue during a school day etc…and you report to the child’s psychiatrist these momentarily calm times, judge Nancy Pizzo determines that to be (improvement), therefore, not disabled. She thinks a child with ADHD, compounded with a learning disability, isn’t considered being disabled at all. My child has been in (special education) since the start of 1st grade, he remains in (special education) currently, and is now 12 years of age. Dr.s/Teachers etc… all have tested, and determined that my son has these impairments, and is considered (disabled) under their findings of facts. But leave this all in Nancy Pizzo’s hands, none of these certified trained professionals, have a clue what they are talking about. She’s determined to show me, she makes the rules regarding cases that fall into her court. She doesn’t care about being (remanded), as she still will not follow the SSA rules, which again, she was previously (remanded) for. Certainly I will again, appeal her decision, I don’t even want her no longer affiliated with my child’s case, but in fact, would like a fresh set of eyes to view this case from the beginning to now.

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