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  1. Rich jochens says:

    Did not mean to give 5 stars the first time

  2. Rich jochens says:

    I had to wait over 16 months for my disability trial and he cancelled due to no internet. I have now been waiting for 5 more months and gotten no response from him or his clerk after dozens of inquiries. My attorney and I were present and did not require internet. We were told by the clerk that it should be rescheduled in a week or two since it was no fault of mine.

  3. Helen says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Judge Plucker, he was so understanding, compassionate and very attentive. He made me feel very comfortable I was nervous at first,but after talking with him I felt at ease. He explained everything where I could understand,his question he asked were fair.The health problems that I have he understood,overall it was a good meeting.Thank you Judge Plucker for understanding and your concerns of my health issues.God Bless You

  4. Angela Renee says:

    My understanding was that this Judge was fairly new to St. Louis ODAR. I thought he seemed very fair during our hearing. He made me feel more comfortable than usual when I’m in these situations, which I appreciated. He said he had thoroughly reviewed my file and I believed he did by his comments throughout. No decision yet, but I have a very old case which is causing complications. I did wonder if the Voc Rehab rep was biased by some of her comments. I tend to take things very negatively even when not warranted often, so its hard for me to tell at times. I would say regardless of result he seemed to do what was appropriate from what I witnessed. I had a hard time not turning in multiple rants on how things I had forgotten were left out or how something I might of said may look conflicting, an unfortunate side effect I’ve yet to come close to mastering.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I had heard lets just say not to kind words of this Judge. So I was very nerviness going into my hearing with the ratings I’ve seen on him here online.
    That said He did ask some very important ?s some of them may seem like he knew the answers but wanted to see how you answered them. He gave you plenty of time to answer the ?s. I can’t sit long so he had no problem of me standing or to do whatever I had to do. He seemed to care and even made a comment about me shaking from the pain and asked why and how often it happens.Let me be clear he knows what his doing and if you try to blow smoke up his ass He’ll see it coming a mile a way. He’s a new Judge comes from St.paul or the other twin city to STL in the last year i think. I’m told he’s a hard Judge BUT what I seem of him he seems fair.My lawyer said he normally takes over an hour per case. I don’t think I was I the hearing more than 20 minutes so I don’t know if that is good or bad. I don’t know the out come yet.

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