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  1. Tasha Jones says:

    I had my hearing in December so I currently don’t have a decision yet. Regardless, I think Judge Morhollt was kind and very plugged into my hearing. I appreciate how kind he was regardless of my outcome. I feel like people are complaining simply because they received a denial and that’s not fair.

  2. Edward Young says:

    Mr. Morholt, Everything that was said in my hearing was in my benefit. I had my own company making great money doing engineering. Why would I give that up, risking losing everything and putting my family as risk, if I was able to work? You should be investigated. You are either incompetent or corrupt. You have destroyed my family. Again, resign, before you destroy other families. I’m sure you will probably see to it that illegals get their money. Even though they don’t pay into the system.

  3. Edward Young says:

    Mr. Morholt, I hope you are happy with yourself. You do not, know all. You have destroyed my family and causing us to lose everything we have worked for. I am not able to work, my wife has MS, and I have a dying mother from cancer. You have no heart. You should resign before you destroy more families. Enjoy your cushy life, while you put others on the streets. Make sure those illegals get it tho.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This was my judge last year I had a lawyer. The judge argued with my lawyer over something that has nothing to do with me. It was going there was one job I can do a taper and 1500 in the USA so I was denied. Now I can’t raise my arm I can’t turn my head I have a hard time walking and I’m homeless. If I could give him negative stars he deserves it he wasn’t deserving of one star

  5. Mike says:

    Just another judge who apparently loves to see people who worked hard and ended up with back surgery and hip surgery suffer. If anyone should have gotten their disability, it should have been my wife. This guy is a joke for a judge in my book and everyone who knows my wife. Has no idea when someone is really hurt. It’s either that or he’s being paid off to turn down disability by the government.

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