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  1. Mark F Hollenbeck says:

    I received my decision from this judge recently. Judge Nicholas M Ohanesian is a paid hack for the State of Michigan. He was very nice during the hearing but dismissed ALL my medical evidence and doctors for 2, paid, professional witnesses. Both gave finding contrary to what my doctors have said about me for years. This, while, neither doctor ever examined me or say me ? He found a statement sent to him to be ‘bias’. Yet isn’t that exactly what the 2 state witnesses are ? I am receiving early SSI at 75% of that which I would have gotten if I had waited to 65. I am now locked in, for life, at the lower rate having been given a ‘unfavorable’ decision from him. I am convinced if I go back to work I will be dead in 6 months. My doctor’s have said much the same, yet this judge denied me. I am also a veteran, hmmm, he even thanked me for my military service as the ALJ Hearing ended !

  2. Dana Paul says:

    I was pretty nervous going to yet another social security hearing, but the judge was very easy going and it made it more comfortable for me. I think he seemed to be fair and I appreciate how thorough he was.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I went before this judge in October 2013. My first impression he seemed like a normal judge, until I received his decision. This judge did not prepare my case very well. First of all he seemed to minimize my conditions, I have lukemia, but he’s in remission so he must be okay. Did not consider the chemotherapy medicine I take everyday to keep it in remission how it makes every joint in my body hurt. I lost the use of my arm and hand in a snowmobile accident in 95. I was 37 at the time and felt I could still work and I did. Seems like that’s held against you. Now I’ve developed degenerative joint disease in my good arm for putting double the work on it. But you can lift 10 lbs on occasion. You know it must be nice for people that don’t have any ailments to tell people like my self what their capable of doing. I’ve worked for 38 years paid into social security, they act like this is their money their giving me. Now I have to play their game to try to get my money I paid in.

  4. florence says:

    He was really nice . My daughter was nerves but he was respectful.

  5. pim says:

    I had my hearing with Judge Ohanesian in the past week and I found him to be fair, respectful,understanding, and patient. He awarded me disabled which I am so grateful! I have been on a long, painful, and stressing medical journey and thank God I had him for my case!

  6. Anonymous says:

    According to this Judge, marijuana use is why I’m Suffering for Bi-polar, Personality disorder, and social anxiety, Funny when that has been the only thing that helped my symptoms. Even after you quit your still looked at as a Drug addict for Marijuana use, so basically it’s stupid to ever tell your doctors the truth and I guess I would have better off to have lied. When i had my hearing with this Judge I was Clean from Pot for 6 months, He denied me saying ” If I quit using substances, I would be able to work” So he obviously doesent believe a word you tell him. He needs to be fired!!!!!!

  7. richard schram says:

    i saw judge ohanesian 12-13-2013 and i thought he was a very decent judge. after briefly looking over my case off the record he advised me to return with an attorney. he didnt have to do that ,he went out of his way to give the advice.

  8. Anonymous says:

    This judge does not follow the law. He makes up his own law.

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