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  1. Restored Faith in the Justice System says:

    When I finally got a hearing I was assigned to Judge Nicholas Kuzmack. I did not have an attorney. I assume by looking at me the Judge could tell that I have been through hel_ and body was the evidence. Good for me the court had a tissue box in arms reach. My guess many disability seekers are broken down by the time they see the judge and need the tissues.

    I was afraid when I was seated by the security guard. There was a court reporter, a vocational specialist representing social security, a state attorney, and another attorney. Five people to question me without an attorney to represent me. The judge started off by introducing everyone in the room. A microphone was in front of me to respond to questions. After the judge told me who everyone was he started telling me he was denying benefit something or other. This is why you need your attorney present. I did not even know what he was talking about. Then the judge starts asking me questions concerning a list of doctors I was seeing.

    This is what I did at home before seeing the judge at this hearing. If you are representing yourself I suggest you do this too. I made a list of every doctors appointment with the doctors name, address, phone, what I saw the doctor for and what treatment the doctor gave me. Attached I had all surgery reports from all my doctors and all MRI, CT, and x-ray reports with pathology reports. The judge thanked me for having all this in order as it made it easier for him to ask me questions concerning my illness and treatments. Also, the judge enter these reports into my record.

    The judge did not look very health himself as he was on oxygen and he is still working. Yet, I believe because he has a health issue he can better understand health issues and the suffering involved with those who seek their disability in his court.

    After the judge went through my list of surgeries and diagnosis he asked the vocational specialist what job I would be fit to do as I had done in the past.
    The vocational specialist respond she did not believe I could do the work I had done before. She was correct. I took care of others who could not care for themselves. At the time I would go home and cry as I was in so much pain and could not get medical treatment for myself. Always asking God for mercy as I did not find in my family as they wanted me to help them.

    I will say this judge was fair. I have found in my life that “fair” must be on another planet. However, this judge reviewed my records, he asked me health questions, and he consulted his specialist as to their opinions on my illnesses.
    If you are assigned this judge I would go prepared. Do not go into his court without your paperwork. I sent my paperwork by certified mail to social security three times and when I appeared in court they had no record of this. Therefore, do not depend on others at social security to do their job. You take your paperwork to your hearing with this judge so he can make an informed decision based upon your medical records.

    I think Judge Kuzmack is a rare judge. You have to respect someone who does their job well and listens to the facts. I would give this ODAR judge five stars. I hope he does not retire soon for those in line for a hearing with him he would be the best judge for you to get a “fair” hearing.

  2. J Daw says:

    I knew Judge Kuzmack in law school. This does not surprise me. He had a good idea what the law was for then, and clearly has it now.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Judge Kuzmack,

    Thank you for being so compassionate and understanding. You are the best. The comment above is so true when they said that “Judge Kuzmack’s goal is to help people and not deny them if they have a disability”. I just wish I had him a lot sooner. I was approve by Kuzmack in August 2013 after 8 yrs, still waiting to get paid from SSD though.

  4. Tim Lawson says:

    Best Judge ever. I spent 5 years in the SSD court process. I ended up in Bankruptcy and lost everything. I wish I would of had Judge Kuzmack from the beginning. He was direct, inquisitive and fair. He asked the questions the other judges over looked and made the decision that any logical person could make. Thank you Judge Kuzmack for being the honest man you are!! If your in this process and you truly are disabled keep going, don’t give up!!!

    Tim Lawson

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is one of the best Judges in the Country. He is understanding and compassionate. His goal is to help people and not deny them if he thinks they have a disability.

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