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  1. Cynthia A Salling says:

    I was very pleased with judge Walter .He connected with me thank you for all you did

  2. Anonymous says:

    During my hearing, judge Walter texted someone he knew personally who use to work at the same place where I had been extremely abused, to ask about me. The people/person he contacted r the people who drugged n raped me, but Jusge Walter took their word against me n judge Walter laughed at me n asked me if I paid my doctor cash. Then Judge Walter had his inappropriate comments stricken from the record.

  3. Elishus B says:

    Judge Walter I had a hearing with him on 9/26/17 and he was very understanding and if you didn’t understand something he would repeat it and he will look over your paper work to make sure you are telling​ the truth and if you just tell truth and listen very careful so you can understand he will make sure you get taken care of I really appreciate his decision on my case thank you judge Walter for being a honest judge and very care and understanding

  4. Tamondra byars says:

    Judges Walter is very caring understanding and he explain things and if you don’t understand something he will repeat it if you get judge Walters listen carefully he will ask you a question and if you don’t understand something ask him to repeat it he will and always tell the truth I want to say he worked hard for me and I thank him for everything

  5. Tammy E says:

    Judge Walter is very caring & understandable. As nervous as I was, he made the process understandable & help me to calm myself. Unsure of his decision, but I felt heard & understood.

  6. Tammy Edwards says:

    Judge Walter is very caring & understandable.

  7. Tonia cureton says:

    Very perfessional he showed that he cared about ur case .I really liked him .I’m still waiting on my decision even or my thoughts will be the same. He has a tuff job.

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