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  1. Recently Arianna and also I was talking as well as I was mosting likely to transform the method she
    welcomed me. She did greet me on knees curved forward with arms extended out face down. I advised her
    I currently desired slave setting # 2 The same
    yet facing far from me hands on butt spreading apart.
    In the first position she really felt more like a slave
    as well as explained while because placement she had a big
    smile on her face because I was home, and also she can not
    wait to see me. So after we chatted I made that adjustment.

    It genuinely makes Arianna happy to kneel as well as wait
    on me to go through the door.
    While chain training when you are talking all eyes ought to be on you.

    You can inform when a person is listening and also when they are not and you make the modifications with a small pull on the Leash.
    I did not really expect any comments, yet during bike week I have seen way crazier
    shit than some bitch using a collar as well as leash.
    I have not providing much thought to training Arianna with a Chain.
    I have giving it some assumed in the past, as well as I might extremely well here in the future.
    The Collar as soon as put around their neck provides a feeling of being total.
    They have functioned so tough to gain. They
    have providing more in six months to a year than they have ever before
    providing. bondage belt tutorial.
    There is way even more than simply the feeling of being had.
    You add the Leash. If the Servant or Submissive is in the appropriate way of thinking it will take them
    places they have never been before.
    Read also Extreme Female Self Chastity Belt BondageUtilized
    on a daily basis they will certainly quickly adjust, and also will
    certainly most likely welcome the Chain when you bring it
    out. One point you never utilize is a choker collar, never, never ever, never.

  2. Lou Latten says:

    im filing a legal complaint against nikki faux forbes shitt….NO FEAR LIAR

  3. Lou Latten says:

    Requesting a FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT concerning denial in my age bracket….Charleston whites/Everyone else with my disability and conditions. Nicole S Forbes-Shitt lol makes 146.2% higher than average…AND IN South Carolina? Need answers 180k in 2019!

  4. Barbara J Smith says:

    She wasn’t My judge

  5. Barbara J Smith says:

    I know how you feel but I’m needing help with my social security denied social security disability a few times naw I’m seeing doctors 2 MRI done on my back proving my condition asthma astrophysics in spin and hips other problems RA fibermialga arthritis in my back neck shoulders osteoporosis in spine back feet hand fibermialga pain all the time I have doctors appointment for my health problems anxiety is up high dealing with All of this need help

  6. Karen says:

    I had my disability hearing in May 2013 with Judge Nicole S Forbes Schmitt. I have to admit that I was very nervous about the hearing, but I think most of my nervousness came from the fact I had viewed this site several times before my hearing. I think reading all the angry and upset comments made it difficult to have a positive outlook. I do understand that this disability process is dragged out too long and can be very frustrating. The fact that I went for TWO YEARS without any type of income caused me a great deal of stress.
    I was found disabled by Judge Forbes-Schmitt. She was very business-like and detail-oriented but still came across as kind and caring. I was pleasantly surprised after reading the majority of comments on this site which truthfully had me scared to death!
    If you have a hearing coming up, take my advice and stop reading these posts now! The best thing you can do is make sure you submit all your medical info like xrays, test results and doctors notes. Make sure you get a Disability Lawyer to represent you…don’t go into a hearing alone. When the Judge asks you a question, be sure to answer only what you are asked(don’t trail off-it might get you in trouble!) and always be truthful.
    I wish you all the best of luck. (and I hope you are scheduled with Judge Nicole S Forbes Schmitt!)

  7. Anonymous says:

    She was over my diability case back in 2010. I thought she was very unfair and even my lawyer thought everything went fine. I soon received a letter telling me I was denied. One reason put on it was “inconsistent information provided by the claimant…conscious intention to mislead.” She said I was lying. Everything was in my medical records. I have been fighting SSA ever since.

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