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  1. Jason M. Heaton says:

    Once again got denied by this judge. She is an absolute cunt. Calls my doctors liars and did not let me speak. Furthermore, she does not know how to interpret the evidence. Thank You.

  2. Jason M Heaton says:

    Judge very unprofessional. Did not look at all the evidence of mine. Hearing lasted 5 mins. Lol. Obviously she was gonna deny me. I have not been able to work for 6 years. I even had RFC reports done and signed by my M.D. doctors. She acts like my doctors are liars. So…..thank you Judge Hall for having a heart.

  3. Rich says:

    I like to thank Judge Nikki Hall for hearing my disability case-I was very nervous but the judge listen to everything that I said-The Doctor that was on the screen I never knew and never meet-Doctor said I should of got disability years ago and thank me for working as long as I did-The judge final comments to me was she thank me for working a extra 15 years longer than I should have- Judge Nikki Hall I like to thank you for looking at the facts and giving me good verdict – Thanks ?

  4. Random Attorney says:

    Conservative but professional. Runs an efficient hearing. Gives claimant’s rep plenty of opportunity to speak.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Rude, very unprofessional and very mean and disrespectful! I was nervous going in anyway and the way she treated me was uncalled for. My life has been hell along with my family and friends that’s had to help me so much. I wouldn’t wish anything bad on anyone but I hope she gets a taste of her own medicine one day!

  6. Bridge dweller says:

    Well just recieved my denile letter from the appeals court trying to overturn “Judge” Halls decision on my case. Its been almost 4 years and I feel all is lost. Depleted my 401k and now owe the IRS $16.000.00 on top of bills I cant pay. I may surender my citizenship to Mexico and sneak across the border into California to get help. Had to give up a $100.000 job in maintenance but according to judge Hall I can do laundry or short order cook. Still doesnt change the fact I struggle to be on my feet. Im not one to wish ill will on anyone but Judge Hall forced ill times on me with her poor knowledge of hard work so I hope she could even feel 1/10 the desparation Im feeling right now.

  7. Trial Lawyer says:

    I have been practising law for the better part of three decades, and I can say without reservation, appearing before ALJ Hall is the absolute low point of my career. She is mean, without a scintilla of common courtesy, and being in the same room (thank God for CC TV hearings) with her is just a miserable experience. If 10% of the jurists I had to deal with were as unpleasant as Judge Hall, I would have quit practising law, and went to used car sales years ago.

  8. Attorney says:

    ALJ Hall is reckless and berates claimants and attorneys alike. She has a very nasty demeanor in the hearing and will cross examine the rep on their brief, so be prepared for a battle. Rationale in denying the claim lacks common sense.

  9. DJB says:

    Judge Hall is the biggest joke of a judge I have ever seen. Your case has already been decided before she even meets you. She will ask a few questions in opening and the rest of the time she’ll just sit there and do absolutely nothing. I mean ABSOLUTELY nothing during the hearing. Your attorney will have to carry the entire case because she won’t ask about anything. Of course when she finally makes her decision she cherry picks a few points in the case and refuse to acknowledge the entire chain of evidence presented. She is an absolute legal joke. Her approval rating is 24% while the national average is 44%. Trust me, your case was decided before she even walked into the hearing.

  10. Jeffrey Blair says:

    I went before Judge Hall today and she was very professional and thorough! I have to wait for a decision but the thing I want to note is I was VERY nervous going into the hearing due to people looking down on you because it seems most people’s first thoughts are “Oh he just doesn’t want to work”! But Judge Hall did not give me that impression at all. I was nervous and upset for no reason. Some of us are truly unable to work and I believe Judge Hall notices that.No matter what her decision is I feel she is an Honest and Fair Judge, and if I’m denied I will appeal it again! I hope this helped someone else who has to go before her, I wish I could have seen a post about her before I had my hearing!!! Lol

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